Spring Equinox — March 20, 2013

In New England, we look forward to the Spring Equinox because it seems to herald that winter is about to end, and the warmer weather is on its way. Of course, much more is going on in the ether to be aware of at this time. The Sun moves into the Cardinal sign Aries on March 20th, at 6:02 EST — (add an hour for DST). I always think of this Equinox as a light bulb being lit in the Cosmos. Energy is revved up and our outlook improves along with the brighter days. And as a bonus, this year, Retrograde Mercury is over and the positive vibes are moving us forward.

We begin to get longer days, and the extra Sunlight seems to lift our spirits and our psyches. Along with our Aries Sun, rides Uranus, Venus on the 21st, and Mars, making for a fiery, energetic feeling throughout the Galaxy. Of course, we have Jupiter in airy Gemini fanning the flames by adding extra oxygen to the mix! Can we control this abundance of blazing hot power? The balance is provided by Saturn in watery Scorpio, along with Mercury and Neptune in Pisces — allowing us to keep the flames from jumping unimpeded, and letting us use the energies of our fire signs wisely. Saturn is our teacher in guiding us throughout our lives, and in Scorpio it is endowing us with the deep knowledge that we cannot let our emotions run the show, indeed we must learn to harness our feelings, and move forward with intent and awareness of the consequences of our actions.  Yes our psyches are being invigorated and we are almost forced to act without forethought, as the fire signs boost our confidence, and make us want to charge ahead. Saturn slows us down, and makes us take that deep breath before we act unwisely, letting us evaluate the entire picture, and then and only then moving us in the best direction.

Also,  we are getting additional help from Pluto our tiny dynamo,  in staid and earthy Capricorn — keeping our foundations stable and steady — helping us to move into the new cycle in a measured manner. As stated before, the planetary movements come to us in cycles throughout the year, for instance, the Sun changes signs each month ushering in a new cycle, the Moon brings us two major phases each month with the New and Full Moons, each triggering a new cycle. The Planets each have their own rhythm and each has a unique cycle that can be charted and looked forward to, for whatever issues it rules or opposes. March always  brings forth a burst of new vigor and elan into our lives with the Spring Equinox. Knowing about each planets potential, characteristics, and movement gives us the ability to make plans, to look into the near future, and be aware of just what will be happening in the Cosmos.

There are a few precautions to be aware of this Spring — the Aries planets will be opposed by the Full Moon in Libra on March 27th at 6 degrees of the sign. There could be some shake up in the Middle East that will last well passed our April Full Moon on the 25th in Scorpio. There will also be a dramatic Uranus/Pluto square at 11 degrees Aries/Capricorn cresting on May 20th, that will bring some angst into the areas in our charts that hold these Planets. Look into your charts, and if there are situations brewing that you know will be sensitive, prepare in advance to head off any anger, opposition, or antagonism. Do not let these negative emotions flourish — rather be that calm voice of reason — the beacon of light that can ease any anxiety that might be present. Indeed, use this period of vibrant energy to soothe, fix, and stabilize whatever is happening in your life right now.

As always there are challenges, as well as rewards in each and every life. It is our job to be fully aware of how the Planetary movements and unique features figure into our lives as individuals, and as part of the whole of humanity. There is a Universal flow and force that we must become attuned to, if we are to fully realize our potential — we are the hope and manifestation of all that can be good in this world. If we but raise our consciousness to be in tune with the highest of positive forces in the Universe there is nothing, we as a whole, cannot accomplish. Move with the most optimistic and exquisite powers that be, and life can be a magical journey with rewards of magnificent recompense.

Let all of us with kindness, and goodwill towards all, be in the forefront of this new season of hope, renewal, and illumination — let the winds of restoration sweep through the land and clean away the detritus of the past. A new cycle has begun and it is not only our duty, but our obligation and commitment, to move forward in creating the beautiful and peaceful world we all want to live in during our lifetime here on Earth. Let the cleansing begin with you — and let all of us raise up those not yet able to help themselves. We are not only our brother’s keepers, but the guardians of this Earth. We are here but a very short time, and we must strive to accomplish as much as humanly possible in our lifetime to leave this World a little better because we existed here! Peace and blessings in all of your journeys.


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