Full Libra Moon — March 27, 2013

With the Easter Holiday and Passover approaching, preceded by this month’s Full Moon in Libra, at 6 degrees of the sign on March 27th, cresting at 4:28 AM EST (add 1 hour for DST), this will only add to the busyness and pressure that is always present when planning for a celebration  — there might be added angst with the Full Moon energy.  Libra is the sign that covers beauty and balance, but also indecision — so we must make sure our plans are in place for our festivities in all their forms. When I think of Libra, I think of all the beautiful flowers that springtime brings, the excitement of seeing loved ones at our laden tables, for family get-togethers, and let us not forget our sweets — our Venus influenced Libra will insure that we are not lacking in chocolate, cakes, cookies, and a myriad of toothsome goodies.

Having this Full Moon will give us the oomph we need to get everything done on time, but only if we have carefully planned our schedule to include all of the chores we need to handle, in a concise and common-sense manner. Along with the Full Moon in Libra are a compliment of Planets in the sign Aries — so there will be an opposition to consider when going about our assigned tasks. During the day on the 27th, the Moon in Libra will oppose  the Sun (of course), Uranus, Mars and Venus! Sounds a bit heavy-duty — still, we can choose to use the pressure created by these aspects, to spur us on, in getting things done quickly and efficiently. We get a little help mid-day with the Moon in good aspect to Jupiter! Look to the energy being expelled as a tool to move forward in finishing up your plans, and perhaps take a “Me” break for a quick cup of coffee or tea with one of the delicious confections you have created, fresh and warm from the oven.

A few well written lists made when you have a tranquil moment, will keep you in good stead — follow your plan, and if there is a snafu somewhere along the line — deal with it as efficaciously as possible.  Then hop back aboard your scheduled pattern as soon as you can. Don’t be shy about asking for help — even if it is just to dry mop the floor, or take the dog for a walk, so you have unimpeded time to work on whatever activity you feel must be done. Tune in to your own psyche and make sure you are not doing all the work, or taking on all of the responsibility — kids especially enjoy dining more when they have had a hand in creating some part of the meal.  I know most of you truly are Superwomen — and loathe not doing everything by yourself — but really — you should be able to enjoy all of the fruits of your labor, without being totally exhausted from the process. The Full Moon will make it a bit harder to move smoothly through the process, but with a modicum of pre-planning all will be well.

Now some positive news for the 28th of the month — there is a burst of positive if perhaps edgy energy being brought to us via the conjunctions of Venus, the Sun, and Uranus  all at 8 degrees of Aries, and Mercury in Pisces in good aspect to Saturn in Scorpio! The Moon is void of course all day long — but if we are doing those jobs that we have been doing for years, it will enhance our competency ten-fold. The Moon enters Scorpio at 7:55 PM EST and brings us into a lovely trine aspect with Neptune on the 29th! Our Easter Sunday looks upbeat with the Moon in Sagittarius ruled by jolly Jupiter — Venus in good aspect to Jupiter, and the Moon now in good aspect to all of the Aries Planets. There is an abundance of good feelings and kindness in the air, and if we keep a positive attitude we will succeed in having a joyous and memorable celebration.

As usual with any Full Moon passage — be alert to any dangers in driving, be careful if the weather is not cooperating, and don’t take any unnecessary chances, be the unruffled, solid person that can calm any situation. Moving with the flow of the Universal ether is the best way to make positive strides in keeping our lives on an even keel — especially with the Libra Moon — balance is key! Don’t rebel — reclaim your light, as my dear friend Jone would counsel. You are the warrior of your own life — the leader of your clan — embrace your place in the natural order. You are the truth and the hope of your world and ours. Peace!


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