New Moon — April 10, 2013

Our sprightly New Moon on the 10th, is in the sign Aries this month, starting a new cycle. The New Moon crests at 4:36 AM (add 1 hour for DST) at 20 degrees of Aries. This Cardinal sign always has the ability to get us moving ahead with zeal, especially this month with so much Aries energy still in the ether —  Mercury enters Aries on the 13th, Venus remains in Aries until the 15th and Mars until the 20th, and Uranus moving from 8 degrees to 10 degrees of Aries, throughout the month. So, our job here, is to move ahead with carefully thought out plans, and with an idea of our future goals in mind. Aries is like putting a rocket at our disposal — sure we can make fireworks, and have everyone notice our presence for a moment — but we want more than a flash in the pan!  Our goal should be to harness this amazing power, and advantageously mete out the forces in a measured and thoughtful way. Use only enough of the horsepower to get to each level of advancement, and save some back-up energy for later.  Always keep a little in reserve — and you will find the strength to move ahead with the assurance that you will be able to get to your eventual reward!

The New Moon in Aries seems to be able to dust off all the detritus that has been weighing us down, like taking off our heavy, and bulky winter clothing, and reveling in the new Spring wardrobe of bright colors and just a whisper of sheerness and style!  We feel free to swirl and sway with the subtle warm breezes of our blossoming landscape, and burgeoning flora. We breathe in the fresh cleansing air of a new season of hope and anticipation. Aries and its ruler Mars reign over our courage and audacity, all laborious tasks, surgeons, soldiers, and our police forces. Also Aries has sway over our head, face, sense of taste, and muscular system. Any and all of these areas can be impacted by our Aries New Moon. We may be feeling a sense of urgency, and perhaps an awareness of some Karma-like external circumstances pushing us forward — but take that calm reflective moment to internalize what is truly going on, and then and only then move forward with fortitude and courage. There will be a kind of  Yin and Yang opposition that is confusing, until we remember that the Yin/Yang symbol is a circle — both black and white reside within, in harmony and balance! Try to bring this kind of impartiality to all of your tasks, problems and issues. With Uranus in its long-term residence in Aries, in aspect to Pluto, there will be extraordinary pulses of energy expelled throughout this time span, and we must use these forces in an upbeat and positive fashion. Since there will be a Full Moon lunar eclipse on the 25th in Scorpio at 5 degrees , with several difficult aspects — it behooves us to have our lives on an even keel — and we will be able to surge through the roiling seas of this intense time with composure and equanimity.  There will be lots of emotion on tap — and we must try to truly listen to what others are saying and pick up on the seriousness of their feelings. Communication is key in establishing our ability to connect with those we love, work with, and care for — don’t allow ego or hurt feelings from the past to influence your present. Release all angst and anger from your heart — and be open to those who may be imploring you to take a moment to listen, and understand their plight. Release all those burdens you have been carrying around for all too long.

Another change this month, is Pluto in Capricorn making its station on the 12th and Retrograding until the 20th of September. There will be some subtle adjustments to our psyches at this time — less outer influences in our lives, and more ability to get a better picture of what we want and how we can get it. Working with the ebb and flow of the Planets and the Universal ether, will help us to achieve our most positive pathway during this lifetime. Also when the Sun, Venus and Mars move on into the sign Taurus — we will have a more solid and stable footing to help us make good decisions, and the ability to use our common sense. Jupiter still in Gemini will keep our sense of humor in good stead, so we can laugh at any momentary issue that really wont have any long-term effect on our lives. And finally Neptune in its lengthy stay in its own sign Pisces will give us more imagination, creativity, and style! Probe your inner visionary, and tap into your mystical nature to find your true calling. You may be surprised at what you find and feel, when you realize the dynamic nature of your deepest desires.

Now to our usual tour de force — the New Moon gives us the power to send our affirmations, desires and dreams into the Universal ether to take root and to become reality. With such a strong Aries influence this month you might want to concentrate on the most positive of Arian traits — your need for independence, courage, autonomy, brave spirit, and being able to start new projects with intensity and insight. If you are going to start a new home improvement endeavor — gear up and make your plans in an efficient and manageable manner — and build into your plan a fitting end-time and plan to finish what you have started. You may also want to encourage only positive and happy people to be drawn into your milieu. In the Spring we often take on tasks around the house and yard to spruce up our surroundings — be sure not to bite off more than you can chew! Take those intermediate steps to begin suitable tasks, that you will be able to accomplish in a modest amount of time — then move on to another chore with the knowledge that you can finish what you have started.

Our Aries New Moon crests at 4:36 AM  EST, on Wednesday the 10th — so all day long is appropriate for you to write out your affirmations, wishes and desires — think carefully about what it is you want to obtain from your wishes — and then — without distraction — write out your affirmations, while you internalize exactly what it is you want to happen. You do have the ability, and gifts to make your dreams come true by putting your thoughts down on paper and sending your ideas into the Universal ether.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, by being present in your own life, and being aware of your needs, and the needs of your loved ones. Make this new cycle the one that gets you the happiness that you so deserve. Find your magic in the ether, and flow with the harmony of the Galaxy — there are miracles to be had –there are dreams to come true —  it is your unique discovery to make — may you find your bliss!


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