New Moon Reminder — April 10th, 2013

Just thought I’d give everyone a heads-up, to remember that tomorrow is the New Moon, and it would be wise to start to contemplate your affirmations. With so much Aries energy swirling around, there are more possibilities to have a positive sway on the forces that are now in place. Use this time to put forward your own agenda, and begin to create your own magic in the air. This is your time to shine — do not hide your light under a bushel — release all the negativity and pessimism you might harbor. Put forth only the most positive and upbeat emotions, and feelings, and let your highest consciousness prevail. Meditate, contemplate, and be deliberate in your aspirations!

The New Moon is at 4:36 AM EST — at 20 degrees of Aries! Write out your deepest desires, affirmations, and dreams to be elevated into the Universal ether, to take root and begin your journey to your most fulfilling lifetime here on planet Earth. It is within your ability to influence your life on the soul level.  Believe in yourself, believe in your pathway, believe in the enchantment of your spirit. Believe!


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