Full Moon — April 25, 2013 in Scorpio

We have a very powerful Full Moon at 5 degrees of Scorpio, at 2:58 PM EST on the 25th. This is especially noteworthy, as it is also an eclipse which has sway over us for approximately 6 weeks before and at least 6 weeks after the actual time of the event. It becomes even more important because it has some harsh aspects involved, and there is a Mars/Saturn component that adds to the intensity. Anyone with early Scorpio planets should take a moment to make sure any activities they are involved in are completely safe, and not dangerous in any way. Try to be totally aware of what is going on around you and be sure you have a contingency plan to cover all bases. Remember, we all have the sign Scorpio in our charts — so we all can be affected. The 28th will also have some negativity with the Sun opposing Saturn in Scorpio, and Mars in Taurus, crossing opposite the eclipse degree.

As we have seen here in the Boston area — the unexpected can be disastrous — and only the best in human qualities will persevere. There are always those good and brave people who will come to the fore in any emergency to help unstintingly in times of need. And we should thank all of the first responders, the good Samaritans, and anyone who is willing to face the impossibly violent and vicious aftermaths of unforeseen events. Boston will heal, will be stronger, and will surmount any and all efforts to bring her down.

To recap — this is a very potent Full Moon in Scorpio — and we all should be aware of our surroundings, the aura of those nearby, and be super conscious of the tone and rhetoric of any and all angry or aggravated people. We will for the most part be able to move through this period with equanimity and grace. As usual, take care when driving, doing any difficult or risky undertaking, and keep a protective aura over yourself and all of your loved ones.

I truly believe that good will always overcome hatred and evil — sometimes it just takes a little more time. Let us all be of good character, be more loving, be more forgiving, and rise to the highest moral heights that are humanly imaginable. May all of those who lost their lives be at peace, and those who were so sorely injured be healed and whole once again. Blessings and Peace!



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