New Moon in Taurus — May 9, 2013

Our New Moon in Taurus always seems to bring some settling of our angst and annoyances — Taurus has that steady and stable quality that lets us reconnect with our common sense, and stop reacting to the chaos and turmoil that is swirling around us in the media, and within our own inner circles. This month’s New Moon crests at 19 degrees of Taurus at 7:28 PM EST (add one hour for DST). Any folks with birthdays close to the ninth will be entering a new cycle of growth and opportunity. Be aware of your own chart placements, and if you have more than one Planet in the sign Taurus you will be even more influenced. This is the time to put forth your own special agenda with hope and enthusiasm. There will be four Planets in the sign Taurus during the month, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars, bringing a major amount of determination to those folks who are being highlighted during this transit. However, we all have the sign Taurus in our charts and that area will feel the impact of this intrepid New Moon. Not that all will be smooth sailing, indeed, these Planets will be in opposition to Saturn in Scorpio at differing times within this month — always teaching us those lessons we must learn, if we are to move forward on our pathway here on Earth. Also, this New Moon is a Solar Eclipse which brings more energy, more complexity and more disharmony within its realm. We must look to the more positive vibes of this event, and that will bring us the spiritual side of this lively and potent eclipse.

A rational outlook will serve us well during this New Moon phase — try not to overstate any issues you have with someone, and listen to their side of the story! Sometimes we are so busy thinking about our point of view and getting it across to someone, we forget to listen and perhaps digest just what their take is on the subject. Give and take will be of utmost importance prior to and for a short time after this New Moon crests. Once again, this dance between our Taurus placements, and their opposition to Saturn in  Scorpio, is giving us the chance to learn more about ourselves and our position in relation to our family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. There is a symbiotic relationship that is always going on between ourselves and others — there is always a  yin/yang balancing act going on at the soul level.

Our Taurus brethren always seem to resist change in any form — it is part of their journey here to learn that sometimes change is good. Change can open you up to new opportunities and adventures — I am sure there are some adventurous Taurus out there just waiting to be amazed and entertained with new activities and escapades! Well… that really doesn’t sound too much like our stable and unwavering Taurus friends, still — when they open up to the Universal forces that are trying to move them forward, there is nothing they cannot accomplish.

For all of us there will be some positive and social Jupiter influences while interacting with Venus and Mercury in Gemini, each touching base with our jolly planet. The only caveat here is that Jupiter can bring an abundance of events both social and business that might make us want to run and hide. Stay the course, many of these occasions could bring that person who will help you in your quest for a new job, a more interesting  area to live in, or just bring many new acquaintances that will be of help to you. Don’t decline any invitations, no matter how tired you are, or how tedious the event might seem.  You might be surprised at the wonderful things awaiting you!

This solar eclipse in Taurus on the 9th, and the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on the 24th are attempting to bring us a new understanding of our relationships with others, and deepening soul development that will enlighten us as to our future responsibilities toward our fellow-men and women. We must learn to give of ourselves without losing ourselves. We should learn to balance our relationship time with our own need for solitude or “space”.

There is some negative energy near the end of the month involving the erratic Uranus, and tiny but powerful Pluto. It would behoove us to hold our emotions in check, be aware of our surroundings, and exercise caution in all physical activities. Don’t get overheated or dehydrated if outside doing yard work or even just playing tennis, if you are not used to this kind of activity. It’s also time to break out the heavy-duty sunscreen as the intensity of the sun is growing stronger every day. Be conscious of any soreness in the throat, and if stressed out go for that head and neck massage that will loosen up all of the negativity and stress you are holding in this area.

Now to those Taurus affirmations, which might include wishing for more money to come in to your life in a positive and joyful way. You also may want to secure your retirement funding with a new look at what you will need for the future. Removing all negativity from your life by finding a way to see all of the beauty that surrounds you every day, and turning your stubbornness into a positive, by becoming a more thoughtfully determined individual. You might even want to find an art class to bring out your inner creativity, or perhaps a dance class to turn you into a veritable Fred Astaire!

Whatever you would like to manifest, you can enter into the Universal flow by writing out your wishes — the more detail the better. Use your imagination to plumb the depths of your psyche, and determine just what it is you truly desire. All day on the 9th will be perfect for you to write out your dreams, desires, wishes and affirmations. Under the auspices of Taurus we can determine our future path — let’s make our lifetime here on Earth be satisfying, meaningful and blissful — follow your bliss — keep your eye on the prize — don’t wait until your expiration date is imminent. Live each day to the full, drink in the nectar of your existence, immerse yourself in who you are and who you want to become! Peace.


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