Full Moon in Sagittarius — May 24, 2013

We will have a rather hard-hitting Full Moon on the 24th at 11:25  PM (add 1 hour for DST), in the sign Sagittarius at 4 degrees, a Lunar Eclipse. Therefore this Full Moon will be a bit more powerful and long-lasting in its effect. Especially for those folks who have the Sun or any Planets in or around the 4 degree mark of Sagittarius or Gemini, they will feel more of an impact than the rest of us — although we all have 4 degrees of Sag/Gem in our charts somewhere, this will be the area that is highlighted during this event. We might find that we need to dig deep into our psyches, to garner support from a higher power on just what life here on Earth is all about.

Following this Full Moon is a weekend with several difficult aspects that might upset the apple cart! There are Mars/Pluto, and Mars/Uranus aspects that may bring harsh words, lack of appreciation, and a need to be in charge no matter what! With Mars in the fixed sign Taurus, there might be a bullying reaction when your strength is sapped, or  when in an anxious situation.  Just be aware of the tenor of those around you, is there some animosity or angst that may be expressed in an angry tone? Be prepared to calm the roiling waters of someone who is getting out of control. Sometimes all that is needed is that quiet voice of reason and all will be well.

On a positive note, the Sagittarius Moon gives us a sense of humor, the ability to find the amusing in all situations, and allows us to tap into our inner child. Allow yourself to see the foibles of we humans in a charitable and humorous manner. Sometimes we need to see the big picture — and realize that any specific moment of time, is only a snapshot within our lifetime here on Earth! We can all lighten up a bit to enjoy each and every moment — no matter how tense, funny, or appalling they may be. In retrospect we can usually find that we grew as a person because of going through whatever tests were presented to us.

Let me also take a moment to send out sympathy and prayers for all those involved in the Oklahoma tornadoes — may the spirits of the departed be free, and may those left to pick up the pieces, be given the strength to move forward with the help of Universal love. Peace!





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