New Moon — June 8, 2013 in Gemini

Our Gemini New Moon crests at 10:57 AM EST (add 1 hour for DST) — at 18 degrees of the sign, on June 8th this year. We celebrate all of our Gemini friends and relatives because they bring laughter, lightness and love into our lives. Gemini is a mutable air sign — what does that mean? Well, our mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) all bring us the ability to adapt and get along! These are the friends who will be ready to accompany us on an adventure with only a moments notice! However, each mutable sign has a different capacity for just what they think an adventure might be — for instance — your Sagittarius buddy will eagerly embrace any outdoor or speed related fun!  Our Virgo brethren on the other hand will have to ponder for a while, and decide if the journey is worthwhile and helpful. Gemini’s facile mental abilities will want to engage in any activity that has some kind of intellectual gymnastics that will pique their interest, and Pisces will just want to make everyone comfortable and happy! Each has something to teach us, or help us see things in a new and unique manner. Every  sign of the Zodiac has their special abilities, and if we open our hearts and minds, we can garner the most wonderful information the Universe is willing to bestow. If we sincerely want to fulfill our journey here to the utmost, it behooves us to always listen and focus on just what it is we are to learn, and what we have to give to others. We are not islands — alone and separate from our fellow-man — we are always in constant contact with the auras and feelings of those surrounding us. It is our job to be aware of just what is being imparted to us on a day-to-day basis. Every contact, emotion, sense, and innate perception is important. Don’t let yourself miss out on all of the wonder and intelligence that surrounds you! Immerse yourself into the entity that is you — one of a kind, matchless, unique and beautiful.

Alrighty then, you probably now have the idea that the sign Gemini can be wordy! And you would be right — their realm is in the upper atmosphere of our intelligence, ideals and morals. Still, our Gemini brethren are fun, quirky, and ready to accept our frailties, and deficiencies with ease — and will probably enjoy our company more because we aren’t perfect. Their sense of fun, their youthfulness, and their kindness will always be there for us. How lucky are we to have Gemini included in the Zodiac — our funny bone, our inner child, our everlasting enthusiast.

This month brings us a surge of upbeat and positive vibes, and there is an underlying need to find a way to use our powers in a more fruitful and harmonious way. The overbearing and bullying acts of some, will be addressed and new methods of relating will have to be learned, if there is to be a good working relationship, and/or a more personal accord to be met. Any over-the-top criticism or disparagement will be halted and given short shrift — it’s time to use a polite and courteous manner in all of our dealings. It is the old adage “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. It cannot be simpler than that! Let all of us be aware of our tone and demeanor, when in any negotiations or dialogue with others.

There are a couple of factors to be addressed this month — Jupiter the Planet of expansion and good fortune will move from Gemini into the sign Cancer on the 25th — giving us more concern about family, home and close associates. Also, following on the 26th, the Planet Mercury will go into its Retrograde phase until July 20th — make your plans now and get any unfinished business out-of-the-way before this aspect moves into play. And the topping on the cake is that Neptune will begin a Retrograde period on June 7th and will not go direct until mid-November, in good aspect to Venus initially, and all month with Saturn — so our loved ones will be on our minds and we will take pains to care for them with kindness and respect. Need a new Summer wardrobe? Now’s the time to shop! Also, we will have the Summer Solstice to bring us into the warm and heady New England Summer — a time of outdoor fun, family celebrations, and beach days! How good life can be.

The Sun and Jupiter in Gemini engage for much of the month, and they bring us an upbeat and buoyant awareness that will tickle our senses, and bring a smile to our face. Perhaps the sunny skies and the improving weather help to make us feel generally better, but the Planets are doing their part to support this euphoric time span. Take advantage of all the positive energies that are being expelled into the ether now. It’s time to again write out your affirmations, wishes, dreams and goals!  Now you have the best of both worlds — the incredible beauty of our Tiny Blue Planet, and the fortuitous energy of the New Moon!

With the New Moon in the sign Gemini, you may want to include some wishes for your future educational goals — none of us should ever stop learning no matter the subject or field of interest. Also if there has been a rift with a sibling, you could take this time to ask to improve your relationship — to move it to a new level of understanding. Perhaps you could ask that you hear from a distant relative you haven’t been in touch with of late. You may want a closer relationship with some of your neighbors — especially those who may be elderly or infirm. If you need to write an essay, resume, or just a letter to a friend — try to do it with the help of this New Moon, your mind and your words will be more fully focused, and the energies of the Galaxy will convey your message with understanding and clarity. Any and all wishes and dreams can be written during this eclectic New Moon! Literally the sky is the limit — use your imagination to the fullest, and write your heart out! Do this for yourself, your loved ones, and for your future happiness. Any time on Saturday the 8th will be fortuitous to write out your desires — the New Moon crests at 10:57 AM, so all day is auspicious.

Find your own personal joy in life, your own inner bliss — this can be your moment in time! Look to the splendor and wonder of our world, make this moment count — we are so lucky to be able to make our way with the freedom of choice! Choose wisely and well, have no regrets that you didn’t take a chance on happiness! Be your best self and like water seeking its own level, only the best will come your way. Believe!





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