New Moon Reminder — June 8, 2013

There is abundant energy in the ether tomorrow — don’t miss  this opportunity to influence your future! Try your hand at writing out a few dreams, wishes, or affirmations that are really important to you and your loved ones, while the Universal cycles are in your favor. There is a magical power in force with all New Moons, that increases our chances of bringing our entreaties to fruition. It’s not rocket science — it is just being in harmony with our own life’s pathway, and allowing all of the positive control to be in our own hands. The Gemini Moon is full of an eclectic and enchanting energy that will work with our own innate power, to help to bring forth those deepest desires we long to have occur.

I always take a few moments prior to writing out my wishes to dig deep into my psyche, to really understand what would be the most auspicious areas I want to either change, bring into my life, keep safe, or just remain stable. I always ask that my family remain healthy, be able to move forward in a positive manner on their individual pathways, and also to always be able to learn, grow, and be more understanding of all that is expected of them during their time here on Earth. I also try to make at least one wish for we humans to become more evolved, kinder to our fellow-man, be more aware that family and relationships are truly what we are here to address. It is so important to feel and comprehend where our place is, and what our purpose is during our life span. We all have a specific journey to attend to, and it can be one of joy and happiness and fulfillment, or one of angst and anxiety — usually a combination of both throughout our reign.

It truly is in your own power to control just how your life will be — yes we all have tests, crises, and even tragedies that come into our lives. It is in the way we handle these emergencies or predicaments that is what counts. Do we refuse to accept the assistance of the Universal forces, and do we take our time to understand what lessons are being imparted to us. Use the New Moon to help you determine how you will move forward with determination and perseverance.

I have seen the wonderful outcome of using the Universal energies in a positive and optimistic manner  See it for yourself — write out your affirmations and wishes, and wait for the Galaxy to work its magic for you and your loved ones. May you all find your special avenue to awareness and fulfillment. Peace!


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