Summer Solstice — June 21, 2013

As the Sun moves into the Cardinal sign Cancer on June 21st at 12:04 AM EST — so we celebrate our Summer Solstice with renewed energy and a subtle but significant change in the atmosphere. So much is going on this year, within the next week, that it is difficult to imagine the total influx of power that is being released into the ether. Not only will the Sun be bringing us more interest in family and friends, but the Planet Jupiter will be joining the Cancerian flow with its entry into the sign on the 25th at 8:42 PM EST, bringing along its usual positive and beneficial liveliness! How lucky are we to be able to bask in such wondrous company.

This is such a welcome way to usher in our Summer Solstice, bringer of warmth, family get-togethers, and the realization that we are subject to these cycles of life during the Sun’s progress throughout the year. Our Summer Solstice here in New England brings a freshening of the atmosphere — a welcome breeze that blows away the detritus of our long winter and often unsettled spring weather — indeed, our demeanor changes with the first inkling that we will be able to enjoy the warmth, beauty and the bounty of our unique area with abandon.

Our local farmers will be producing a myriad of new grown vegetables, fruits and other wonderful fresh items for our consumption. We are so lucky to have a ready source of maple syrup, a variety of honey, and the freshest of fish from nearby fishing grounds. A veritable banquet for all the senses, the Sun, the aura of renewal, the intuitive awakening of all of our senses being stimulated from every possible direction. It is up to us to focus on all of the emanations that are being sent our way from the Universal flow — breathe in the cleansing air, smell the fresh mown grass, luxuriate in the gentle warmth and heightened colors that surround us now. There is beauty everywhere you look — stop and smell the roses, peonies, lily of the valley, that are rampantly exploding along our pathways. Feel the energy of the Sun as it warms your skin, and renews your psyche with its vigor, allow yourself a few moments of just being — feel your limbs, the breeze on your face, the cells of your body growing, changing, and replenishing themselves thousands of times each day — feel your hair growing, feel the earth under your feet, go barefoot on the grass, or sand, or earth — and just feel yourself and your place in the world — allow yourself to just be!

Of course, there are always a few hiccups on our journeys here, and so it is with our usual onus of Retrograde Mercury also pushing its way into our awesome Solstice! Mercury will turn Rx on the 26th at 8:04 AM EST in the sign Cancer, but be of good cheer — because often our quixotic Rx Mercury will give us a chance for a do-over!  Something that just didn’t work out as we had planned might be able to be corrected and/or made right during this period. Has there been a hitch in some of your plans of late? Revisit those particular encounters to see if there isn’t a way to correct or replenish whatever you missed at the time.  Yes — we must still be aware that Rx Mercury can bring confusion, (make sure you know exactly where you are meeting, or what the correct time is to meet), make sure your car is ready for that vacation trip — double-check all your daily on-goings to be sure of the details. Forewarned is forearmed — just be aware!

We should realize that our lives have a Karmic aspect that is with us throughout our lives — our families, friends, acquaintances are all in our lives for a reason. It is our duty to figure out just what each one has to teach us, or what we have to teach them! It is always a two-way street during our journey here — an ebb and flow, an expedition to find our true path, our best selves, and our highest spiritual entity. With those we love it is often an easy relationship to enjoy, but with those contentious connections, we must ask ourselves — what am I to learn from this bond — whether family, friend, or foe — what is truly going on? Is this a past-life tie that was positive or a Karmic payback of sorts? Can we grow and become better by trying to pacify the office bully, or must we take a stand and not let them push their issues on us? Do our loving ties just allow us to stagnate and become complacent, or do they urge us forward to become the best that we can be? Every pathway is different, yet we connect, love, partner with, and join with our fellow humans in this remarkable place we call Earth. Are we just a fluke of Nature — or is there a higher realm that we aspire to reach? We must all make up our own minds, and hearts about our eventual finale. Will it be one of success and love and renewal, or one of disappointment and disillusion — it is in our power to make our way as positive and beautiful as we can possibly imagine!

Use this Summer Solstice with its magic and enchantment, to move forward in an optimistic manner — to become the extraordinary entity you truly can be — immerse yourself in the positive Universal aura of love and family!  We are humans, and we must connect with each other to realize our full potential — embrace your humanity with all of its ramifications — grow in the knowledge that you are meant to be here, now at this particular time, and will forever be that magical and spiritual being of light! May there be Peace!



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