Full Capricorn Moon — 6/23/13

We begin this busy astrological week with a Full Moon on the 23rd, at 2 degrees of the sign Capricorn, cresting at 6:33 AM EST. This is a significant Full Moon because it is at its nearest point in relation to the Earth. The sign Capricorn represents discipline, perseverance, and patience — all good to employ during the hectic phase of a Full Moon at any time. Physically, we should be wary of hurting or injuring our knees, doing damage to our teeth and generally watching out for any activity that could be risky. Also heightened because it will be opposite Jupiter today, creating a little more oomph, and will be opposite  Hades, a Uranian Planet that can bring up past life Karma, hidden secrets, and perhaps archeological surprises. Hades is usually seen in a negative perspective, we can expect some “dirt” to be brought to light in the public arena.

The usual caveats apply as to any Full Moon especially if it is conjunct any Planet, your ascendant, etc.  in your natal chart. Be super aware when driving, or doing any dangerous tasks or chores — keep a cool head when others are acting erratic, and surround yourself with a protective aura of white light. Following the Full Moon will be Jupiter changing from Gemini to Cancer (separate posting) — a change in outlook and perception. We will be more focused on our families and homes.  Also, alas, we will be dealing with Rx Mercury on the 26th until July 20th! Hang in there folks — we shall overcome!


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