Jupiter Enters Cancer — June 25th, 2013 to July 16th, 2014

We all love to see the Planet Jupiter entering our Sun sign — and now it is Cancer’s turn to enjoy all of the perks that come along with this giant Planet and its benevolent and kindly gifts. Our Gemini brethren should not despair if all of their dreams didn’t manifest during Jupiter’s year-long transit of their sign, since most of us have a Planet or two in the sign following our Sun sign. Jupiter will be enhancing whatever Planet it meets along its pathway through the sign Cancer. Jupiter in Cancer is a different and more involved “visitor” in the sign Cancer — Jupiter loves family, friends, good times, babies, all manner of expansion (yes it can mean waistlines), religion, and the law — but usually Jupiter enhances our lives with compassion and caring. Since Cancer rules women, actually the entire female principle, it has a major impact on all things feminine and nurturing. In Cancer we also are made more aware of all things beautiful and precious, our spirituality is heightened, and there is an aura of kindness permeating our outlook. We can look forward to our lives being enriched ten-fold during Jupiter’s year-long transit of Cancer — look to your natal chart to see in what house Cancer lives — that will be your area of good fortune in the coming year!

Much of this year, the water signs will be stimulated by Jupiter in Cancer approaching by degree both Saturn and Neptune in the other two water signs, Scorpio and Pisces respectively. There will be such positive energy expelled during these encounters that we all will feel the essence of these three rather mismatched Planets. Saturn wants duty, hard work and patience, Neptune wants creativity, spirituality, and illusion — Jupiter will bring that third component of good luck and bigger and better ideas in all of these areas. Look to your own charts to see just where these Planets lie, and you will then be able to connect the dots to what will be going on in your life! It will be a mixed bag of goodies for sure, and you may find yourself dusting off old plans that just didn’t come together, but the conditions are ripe now to move forward. Be aware that Jupiter can give us a bravado that might be over the top — and our goals should be eminently “doable”! But if you have the gumption, creativity and drive, Saturn and  Neptune will be in your corner, along with Jupiter’s mighty power in the early degrees of all the sensitive and emotional water signs! There may be innovative movements in the art world, perhaps a wonder drug devised to help some chronic ailment, or programs improved to help those most in need of nurture. Opportunities will be opening up in so many areas — we will be able to feel needed, and also appreciated during this transit of Jupiter. Our emotional persona will be stimulated and we will “feel” more around us and within us. Open your psyche, heart and mind to all of the magic in the ether this year.

The other major combination will be the Cardinal Signs impacted by Jupiter in Cancer — Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries! Talk about combustion, and the fundamental elements coming together. The Cardinal signs want to move — the faster the better and Uranus in Aries is urging us on to move forward precipitously without forethought — Pluto, however will want us to wait until we have all our ducks in a row, and then with lots of planning move ahead. Now we throw Jupiter in Cancer into the mix — and all bets are off! There will be opposing forces banging on our doorway — and it is our job to separate the wheat from the chaff in order to choose the best pathway to follow. The worst thing we can do is to react without thinking! Aries loves to just jump into the fray — Uranus is compounding these urges, and now with Jupiter putting in the emotional component — we really have to stop, breathe, listen to that inner voice — and then if it is the right thing to do — move forward with a well thought-out plan. I guess the old adage “Haste makes waste” cannot be emphasized enough during this time frame! We don’t want to find ourselves in a predicament of our own making — when faced with an overwhelming need for action — use your head before leaping into any chancy encounter. Great strides can be achieved with these Cardinal connections — but cool heads will not only survive, but thrive in this dynamic time span. Big business big money, big energy will be impacted during the duration of these transits. And with Jupiter stimulating both Pluto and Uranus — secrets will out and anything underhanded will be brought into the light.

For most of us, our lives will move on in our usual measured and motivated manner, we will probably find more opportunities to improve our lives throughout this year. Jupiter in Cancer will want to help families find better ways to connect, to work together, and to find themselves in a more compatible and companionable relationship by the end of this transit. It will be a kinder and more loving year for all things familial. We can garner much good will and compassion with our families and friends. Be aware of all you are blessed with and if you are in a position to help out someone less lucky — you will be magnanimously rewarded.

We will go through Jupiter in each of the Zodiacal houses — check your own chart to see where the sign Cancer resides, it’s just a tidbit to whet your appetite for the miracles to be garnered from the Universe!

Jupiter in Cancer in the First House

Our hopes and wishes will be stimulated by beneficent Jupiter here in Cancer — we will focus on those we love, our close friends, and any special folks we are intimately connected with — Pluto in Capricorn is opposite this house and will keep us moving towards a more serious  goal. We may be looking to connect with distant relatives, be thinking about a new partnership, or even going over plans to care for elderly parents. All of these areas will have the blessings of Jupiter’s energy. On a lighter note those who are thinking of expanding their family will be getting the nod from the super fruitful combination in place now. Expansion, increase and new development are all in the air — this may be your time to go for that promotion, start that new business, or bring new life into the world! How lucky are you?

Jupiter in Cancer in the Second House

The house of earned monies, and inheritance is being highlighted with Jupiter’s largess. That bonus check might be in your hand soon, or a new job or better position in your current company could be around the corner. You also might come into a parcel of land, or some real estate deal that is so much more than you expected. Be aware of all of the legalities involved, and double-check any figures that are given to you to be sure they are correct. You also might find a second source of income from a hobby, or an ability or service that is needed in your neighborhood. Be creative in your thinking and don’t discard any ideas because they seem too fantastic. Rather, try to turn them into the right size and disposition that will work for you. A little imagination can go a long way in creating that magical situation that will bring you self-satisfaction and some needed income. Be your most resourceful self — there is genius within your grasp!

Jupiter in Cancer in the Third House

Here we have our immediate neighborhood, our short journeys, our siblings, and all things of a literary nature. What will Jupiter’s presence have us do here? Well, we will probably be more involved in what is going on around us, our homes, our places of business, our living spaces. We might just expand our outdoor living area or add on to our current home, we may bring a relative in to live with us, make plans to take a trip to a lake region, or you might be in line for a cruise! Whatever you are into will have an emotional component, and you will be looking forward with some degree of emotion. There will probably be a lot of correspondence to get everything in order.  It might be that you are anticipating a visit from friends or family you haven’t seen for some time, it may be a special celebration — a wedding, graduation, or anniversary that is of utmost importance to you. There will be a landmark occasion that you have been waiting for — and it will finally come to fruition. Be optimistic and confident that you are on the right path, and all will work out for the best.

Jupiter in Cancer in the Forth House

This is such an important house, and Cancer’s natural home — there will be lots of activities to tend to herein. You might find that your present living quarters are too small, and you are looking to enlarge your comfort zone by finding a more expansive place to live. Also, you might find your company is moving, and you need to move in order to maintain your current job. Or, you have planned lots of Summer activities for family and friends, and you are facing a lot of extra work during your weekends or usual time off — it will be worth the effort and you will find satisfaction in knowing that you helped to create stronger bonds within your family group. Even though you might not want any changes right now, in hind-sight you will realize that the moves were for the best, and you are in a better position, and have more opportunity to move forward. Be open-minded about all of the issues surrounding you now, and make it work. Your future is in your own hands, and a good attitude goes a long way in assuring that all will be well. Embrace your future with élan and optimism!

Jupiter in Cancer in the Fifth House

We all embrace the lively manifestations of our fifth house; romance, speculation, children, creativity, hobbies, gambling  and recreation! The caveat here will be to moderate your need or desire for entertainment, recreation and all manner of chancy undertakings. Jupiter here will give us that ego boost that might lead us into taking chances we should be wary of in any speculative areas. Emotionally you may feel the need to go for the gusto — and damn the consequences! However, a little forethought and planning will go a long way to keeping you safe, and not being precipitous in any dealings. On the bright side, you could meet the love of your life during this transit of Jupiter — you also could have the adventure of a lifetime, in a trip you have been planning for a long time and it finally comes true! Keep your mind on your goals, and don’t go off on a tangent by taking chances with your hard-earned money. Stick to your highest principles and move toward your eventual aspirations. If you are thinking of expanding your family — this might be the year to do it. This house is a wonderful place for Jupiter to spend a year moving through — use the best of Jupiter’s outstanding qualities — and your year will end on the highest levels.

Jupiter in Cancer in the Sixth House

Our sixth house is a very important area in that it covers our health, diet, exercise, service to others, and small pets and our dependents. Jupiter will try to get us to pay more attention to our own physical being — we will want to improve our diet and our exercise routines. However, this might not be all that easy, because with Jupiter in Cancer in the mix we might go overboard with our ideas, and make too many changes too quickly. When Jupiter is in the fray, moderation should be our mantra.  On the other hand, you may find that some stressors in your life have been making it difficult for you to follow your usual healthy routines — and your are faced with an expanding waistline! But be of good cheer, you can reverse any excesses of the past and renew your commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. The first step is to recognize there is a problem! With insight and desire, you will make progress in getting back to a good basic health maintenance routine. Also, there will be a necessity to keep an eye on any dependents who might need a health check-up, and/or any pets in the household may need extra care during the hot weather. You may find yourself helping out a friend or family member who needs extra care at this time. Don’t doubt your ability to handle any or all issues that might manifest. Jupiter will give you extra protection and the capacity to embrace your  future with energy and sensitivity.

Jupiter in Cancer in the Seventh House

The seventh house is our house of partnerships, marriage, business alliances, your competition, and your current environment. Jupiter could see you getting married during this transit, or perhaps getting engaged! You also might find that your business is expanding because of a partner who is a real go-getter. You may be a bit uneasy with the speed in which things are happening, and you should make time to reflect a bit during this period to make sure you are moving in a positive direction. Do not be precipitous in breaking off any joint venture because it is a little daunting, rather take the time to study the issues, and only then decide if it is the way you want to move forward. There will be a lot of opportunity to extend your influence within your working and personal arenas. Dig into your inner being to find the strength to be the best you can be. Open your heart and mind to the opportunities being presented to you at this time. Try to develop an optimistic outlook, and use the guidance that is being offered to you. You don’t have all the answers, however, you know how to get them! Work within the parameters in which you are the most comfortable, but be open to stretching your awareness. A year of success is within your reach!

Jupiter in Cancer in the Eighth House

The eighth house brings us lots of angst, as it is the house of taxes, wills, renewal, regeneration, other people’s money, and hidden financial dealings and secrets. Jupiter in this house will insist on only the highest of moral turpitude — no underhanded dealings whether financial, or personal. If you find yourself having to handle someone’s estate, or have to help create a safe haven for an elderly parent or relative, it all must be totally transparent and above-board. Make sure those who might be “helping” you with the details have the highest ethical standards. This is true especially if there is a large amount of monies, or real estate involved. You must be aware of all the contingencies and contractual wording that is being employed. Also, because you are forthcoming in an honest manner, don’t give in to a tendency to reveal any confidential information that could impact the dealings that are ongoing. Everything will work out with Jupiter’s help. On another note, there will always be a tendency to inherit some money, or a sentimental token from a loved one. Also, keep an eye on your own financial house, and try to keep your credit card debt in line with your ability to pay them off as soon as possible. This might be a good time to start to plan for your own retirement — get all your papers in order, and decide just what you will need to maintain your standard of living after you no longer have a working income. Jupiter will give you the impetus to get through any challenges you may face this year — and you will be stronger and wiser after this passage.

Jupiter in Cancer in the Ninth House

Our ninth house is Jupiter’s natural abode — ruling higher education, long trips, religion, in-laws, the law, sports and politicians. A wide and expansive house with lots of areas that could be impacted. We may find we are traveling to see some distant relatives we haven’t seen in some time — one of our dearest dreams may be coming to fruition — a graduation, a settled law suit, or perhaps a once in a lifetime achievement we have longed to happen.  This may be your year to take that skydiving class — learn how to fly — or get the treasured position at the college of your dreams! Jupiter will expand your mind and bring you new ideas as to your future, and you may be surprised that the direction you are thinking about is totally different from your old plans! All of your previous studies, working experience will have lead you to this more creative line of thinking. You will be excited about this new arena and your opinions will be transformed. You may have to think about new studies, but you will “know” in your heart that you are on the right track. By the end of the year you will be renewed, refreshed and revitalized.

Jupiter in Cancer in the Tenth House

How lucky are you to have Jupiter at the head of your chart — the tenth house rules your career, social standing, honors, popularity and ambition. You may find yourself being offered a higher position in your company, with lots of perks and bonuses. Or — because of your extra work you may be singled out for a special honor within your realm. With Jupiter helping to single you out — you may catch the eye of an important person who will be able to mentor you or will be able to put you in a position to move ahead in your career on the fast track. Your job is to ferret out any negative elements that might have long-lasting consequences. Look into all of the ramifications that will ensue if you take on more responsibility,  have to travel extensively, or will be working longer hours! Make sure your family is on board with any changes you wish to make — involve them in all aspects of your new responsibilities — and the rewards! This could be your year to shine — you have worked long and hard to make it to this level, now all of your dreams could be coming true. Enjoy this time and bask in the aura of success!

Jupiter in Cancer in the Eleventh House

This area is where our hopes and wishes, dear friends, acquaintances, social contacts, earned monies, and new opportunities reside. It also has a lot to do with larger animals — so if you have horses, or large dogs — you might need to keep an eye on their needs this year. You will probably find that your social life is picking up, and you are being invited to lots of functions. It will be your job to filter out those invitations that are not sincere, and are just perfunctory because of some minor connection. However, going to those special occasions where you are loved and treasured will bring wonderful memories for many years. You might meet that special someone at one of these parties — so go to as many as you can that you know you will truly enjoy. Also, you will probably be adding several new friendships this year, some will remain in your life for many years ahead — and they will enhance your life with a boost to your working environment, and your social calendar. Just be aware that with Jupiter in the mix, there may be some folks who will be needier than usual, and not in a healthy way — try to delineate between those who will become true friends and those who would be detrimental. All in all, this year could find you with a bevy of new contacts that will be of benefit to you, and you to them. Smile!

Jupiter in Cancer in the Twelfth House

Now we encounter our own demons — our insecurities and our nemesis. This house also includes those institutions of confinement — hospitals and prisons. The twelfth house is a very Karmic area in which we are searching for meaning and revelation. Here we have our self-limiting issues, past-life problems, and enmity from others. Jupiter will bring a spotlight on all of the above, and will bring to light those issues that have been stagnant for a long time. Do we often talk to ourselves in a negative manner? Are we our own worst enemy? Do we undermine our abilities, and allow ourselves to live a shadow existence of what we could be. This year things could be changing for the better — it is totally up to you to open your heart and mind to your true self — no more belittling yourself or listening to those naysayers in your life! It is time to take charge, and eliminate all the negativity you are holding on to — whether people or past mistakes, get rid of the angst that is holding you back. Repair any relationships that have been floundering, apologize for any mistakes you have been responsible for, and sincerely atone for past blunders. Stop living in the darkness of regret — now is your time to renew your whole persona — not to change who you intrinsically are, but to improve and progress forward with positive actions, and the highest hopes. This is a year of growth, awareness and seeking a higher consciousness. By the end of this transit you will be refreshed and enlightened as to your true pathway. Believe!

So we have traversed throughout the Zodiac in our search for ourselves and our place here on Earth — allow the bounty of Jupiter and the Universal forces to bring you to your highest self — every step of the way during our lifetime, we are blessed with all of the intelligence and spirituality that humanity has been given. We are entities of light and love in our highest form — and we should all be striving to reach and fulfill our destiny!


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