Retrograde Mercury — June 26th to July 20th, 2013

As happens at least three times a year — Retrograde Mercury will start on June 26th at 8:04 AM EST. I’m sure we all can remember a time when so many of our daily activities, our correspondence, our transportation systems were slowed down, befuddled, or our technological gadgets were all giving us trouble at the same time. We missed calls, met at the wrong time, or actually misunderstood the meeting place completely. If we look back on those times, it just might have been Rx Mercury fowling up the works! At a medical office yesterday — I heard several of the employees complaining that the computers were really slow — just another manifestation of Mercury’s slowing path.  This time around Mercury will stay in the sign Cancer moving backwards from 23 degrees to 13 degrees on July 20th — anyone with a Cancerian cusp involvement around these degrees,  i.e., ascendant, mid-heaven, or planetary placement, etc., might notice a little more annoyance with this transit.

During these Summer months here in New England, it could mean that there will be weather issues for outdoor activities (Cancer/water sign), delays or errors in correspondence, interrupted vacations, especially if they are near the ocean or lake regions. The realm of Mercury is a wide one, and our job is to check and double-check all of our plans, especially the timing of events, and allow for hiccups along the way. It is great if you can have alternative arrangements prepared. No — not every contingency can, or will be able to be covered — we just have to do our best, and keep our sense of humor in tact, and go with the flow.

Also of importance are any legal issues that arise — you will have to be sure everything is in order before signing any papers. It is just good common-sense that will get us through these periods. We have been here before, and we have survived — be safe, be well, and be aware!



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