New Moon in Cancer — July 8, 2013

The New Moon this month occurs on the 8th, and crests at 16 degrees of the sign Cancer at 2:15 AM EST (remember to add an hour for DST). Prior to the 8th, the Moon will be in contact with Jupiter in Cancer late on the 6th, and Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces early on the 7th, giving us some kindly feelings towards others, and enhancing our dream states, and piquing our imaginations and creativity. Later in the afternoon hours of the 7th, the Moon will oppose Pluto, perhaps bringing some tension, and will square Uranus — riling up tempers and bringing any simmering issues to the fore. Just be alert to anyone getting hot under the collar, and try to lessen the angst of the situation.

On the 8th when the New Moon actually crests, there will be a kind of deep breath taken, and things will become a bit clearer as to any situation that arose during the previous few days. Of course, we are still dealing with Rx Mercury in Cancer until the 20th, when things will really start to become transparent and our forward pathway will be made more coherent. As always allow a few days after Mercury reaches its stationary point before moving ahead with your plans. Also, with Saturn turning direct on the 8th, we will have the stable and calmer energy of this important Planet helping us to move ahead with its logical planning, and the ability to see plainly the best direction to take for our most rewarding gifts.

There will be some upsets because of the Retrograde motion of Uranus starting on the 17th of July and not turning direct until mid-December. In many ways this will help, because a lot of the disruption that Uranus can bring will be lessened, and we will be given some space in which to reevaluate our current journey. Things that have felt a little out of our control,will start to become more transparent and we will be able to better handle of some of those areas in which we have felt helpless. Not to say that everything will be hunky dory — we still have to use our common sense, and not try to overwhelm others in our zeal to be in charge.

Later during the month there are some very nice aspects in place to help us end our July on a positive note — the Planet Jupiter will trine Neptune in Pisces, a truly blessed combination that will enhance our spirituality, allow us to see the greater good, bring more creativity and beauty into our lives, and the topping on this multi-layered cake will be our enhanced ability to truly appreciate our actual individual personas. We will begin to understand the entities that we are — of light, spirit, and love. Also helping us to raise our consciousness, will be the Sun in good aspect to Neptune during much of this period. This is such a good time to meditate, relax, dig deep into our psyches, and get in touch with our higher selves. You could experience super-elevated dream states that will bring about a revelation to you about your time here on Earth.  Listen with your heart, mind, and consciousness to every nuance that surrounds you now. The Universe is giving us the opportunity to rise above the everyday doldrums, to a new superior understanding of ourselves and our brethren. From the 26th of this month until the middle of August we are being blessed with a massive wave of collective consciousness, in order to become our highest and most loving self!

Here in New England, the Summer months are our time to entertain outdoors, connect with family and friends, and generally feel the warmth of the Sun and the vibrations of the Galaxy encouraging us to enjoy our time here on the Planet. The air is cleaner, the ocean, lakes, and ponds beckon us, promising us lazy days on the shore basking in the glow of the Sun, and in the company of our loved ones, in a unique and locally pristine area. We can take advantage of our beautiful location to commune with Nature and our nearest and dearest. Life is good!

Now let’s get to our mission statements for our affirmations, dreams, wishes, and hopes — since this New Moon is in the sign Cancer, you may want to include a few wishes for family closeness, kinder relationships with siblings, or renewing some ties that have been amiss lately. It is always appropriate to include our families in our affirmations, as they are the karmic ties that are helping us evolve ever higher, as we are here to support them on their journey. This watery Cardinal sign will help us understand our placement within our family group, and will also bring us a higher and more spiritual love when family members are in the mix! Can’t stand one sibling, your in-laws, have difficulty talking to your parents? We are here to resolve old issues that are holding us back from our true selves and our highest fulfillment. Take the time with this family oriented New Moon in Cancer to sincerely write out some dreams or wishes that will enhance your relationships within your clan. It is amazing how much you can gain, in clearing up past regrets and emotional injuries. Use the magic of the Universal forces to bond with your closest kin — and reach out to those who are far away in miles or spirit. On a practical note, you may want to become a more positive and optimistic person, or perhaps you want to feel more secure and safe in your environment, also you may want to enhance your feminine side, seeking out true beauty, and empathizing with others in a softer and more fulfilling manner. These wishes are all available in Cancer’s realm, for you to use as you wish.

The New Moon is on the 8th at 2:15 AM EST — the following 24 hours will be the most effective in writing out your affirmations and desires. Find out just how powerful using the energies of the Galaxy can be — believe in yourself, and your ability to influence your own life’s path. You do have the power, the will, and the know-how to complete your life’s journey to the fullest — do it for yourself and for those you love.


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