A Goodly Week!

I am choosing to see this week in a positive framework — although there are some opposing forces at work — it’s up to each individual to use the energies being expelled in their most constructive manner. Here’s what’s going on — the Planet Uranus is turning Retrograde, not turning direct until mid December. This will diffuse the sudden forces of Uranus, and will give us the opportunity to find some stability in our daily doings. It’s not as if Uranus won’t be in the picture, just that its volatility will be lessened a tad. Uranus will move from 12 degrees of Aries, back to 8 degrees before it will reverse and begin its forward motion once again.


However, along with that change — comes a very fortunate trine (good aspect) between the Water signs! Yes, any folks with Water signs in the early degrees might just have a bit of luck during this week! But as we all know — we all have the Water signs in our charts — look to those houses and you will see how these aspects might impact you. We will have Jupiter (good luck) in Cancer, Saturn (stability) in Scorpio, and Neptune (illusion and creativity) in Pisces! A very watery mixture indeed — emotions, creativity, compassion, family, in-depth soul searching, fun by the water, enhanced intuition, all of these areas will, or can be affected by this lovely aspect. If you have something you might wish to come to a positive conclusion, the 17th could help you close the deal. Even with Rx Mercury in the mix — you have a good chance of getting a positive outcome — although — the caveat will be that some details may have to be worked out after Mercury turns direct on the 20th!


I feel the benefits of this Grand Trine will be in play throughout this entire week — let’s all go with the flow while in the throes of this Universal harmony. We should feel more love, caring, and goodwill towards all of our brethren. Let us raise our consciousness to a new high of encompassing all creatures of this World with loving kindness. Our destinies are entwined — our lives are connected — our consciousness is Universal. Tap into the magical and mysterious cadence of the Galaxy — we are all here on a journey — let us all believe in the highest abilities of mankind. Let all of us try to reach the pinnacle of loving kindness so necessary to the growth of our spirits. Believe in yourself, and reach out to those less fortunate, or in despair. We can all make a difference in our time here — and we can leave the World a better place because we were here. Look for the positive every day — a moment of beauty, compassion, or love! It’s there — you just have to be open to the beauty and truth within. Believe in the awesomeness of you!


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