Busy Weekend Ongoings – July 20th thru 22nd (Full Moon)

We are soon to be out of the grip of Rx Mercury today, the 20th — at 1:21 PM (add one hour for DST) — and most of us will be happy to see it moving ahead once again. All of the niggling problems with our communications, transportation, computers, and here in the North East — the heat causing power outages will soon ease up.   We can now move forward with a little more sureness and positivity that what we are doing won’t be delayed, interrupted or completely involved in a SNAFU that we have no control over. Especially for those Cancerians or Capricorns who had the brunt of the mix-ups, and were in the line of fire for the last 3 weeks — it should come as a relief.

The Moon moves into Capricorn today at 1:40 PM EST and will start to bring more structure and solidness to our daily activities. There are also some lovely trines between Mars in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn in Scorpio later in the day, that will enhance good feelings and help us transition into a more positive and active pattern. Use this time wisely to catch up on anything that may have been delayed or somehow interrupted during Mercury’s Rx period. These aspects can bring a good time to connect with family and friends in a mutually enjoyable gathering without the angst these get-togethers usually entail.

The 21st is kind of an unsettled day — the Moon going “void of course” in Capricorn — at 10:54 AM EST — not allowing us to bring a lot of our ideas to fruition until the Moon is ensconced in the sign Aquarius on the 22nd. The Moon in Aquarius soon encounters its opposition to the Sun (Full Moon) at zero degrees of Aquarius/Leo at 1:16 PM EST, so emotions will be enhanced and tempers might be a bit on the edgy side. Also, our Monday morning commute on the 22nd might be more onerous because Venus is changing signs from Leo into Virgo — making our need for logic more enhanced, and our desire for common sense will be tested. Stay as cool and as calm as possible — knowing we have gotten through Full Moon anxiety in the past, and we can do it again with a little forethought and keeping ourselves in control.

The rest of the week should find us with enough time to shake off the effects that Rx Mercury engendered, and keep us moving in a more positive and progressive manner. As with any Full Moon — we should just be aware of our surroundings, keep away from those who seem out of control, and let any minor nuisances just roll off our shoulders. We can only be accountable for our own actions, and try not to be drawn into the issues of those who would bring us into the fray!  Take more time to get to your destinations when driving just so any delays are taken in stride, and smile! It is amazing how many times a simple smile will defuse a tense situation — all those with Aquarius or Leo cusp Suns will find themselves more in the spotlight — make sure you bring your best game face, and you will be the winner! Think proactively, so you will be the calm amidst any chaos. Be the peacekeeper in your realm, and all will be well. Peace!


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