Saturn in Scorpio Update

Original Saturn in Scorpio Post can be found in the October 2012 Archives,  along with the Saturn in Scorpio Sun Sign Post.

Saturn’s trek through the sign Scorpio has only reached 5 degrees of the sign to date, having Retrograded for much of this year from February 18th (at 11 degrees) until turning Direct on July 8th (at 5 degrees) — now that it is in forward motion, it will move through the degrees more quickly until it reaches 23 degrees of Scorpio on March 3, 2014, when it once again will turn Retrograde.   When any Planet is in forward motion, we get the best energy and most positive strength according to its innate make up. With Saturn, we may not always see this as a positive, since its main characteristic is to teach us many of the lessons we tend to reject, i.e., patience, persistence, in-depth study and knowledge, loyalty, honor and endurance. A lot of issues we might be willing to forgo in order to take short cuts in our zeal to get to our goals! But, Saturn will insist that we pay attention, and not lose our humanity and sincerity in order to make the grade.

Saturn has impacted those born between October 21st and November 3rd/4th — crossing the  degree of their Sun more than just once, also opposing the early degrees of those folks who share 0 degrees to 11 degrees of Taurus. Their opportunity is to pay attention to what is going on around them, and what is going on within themselves. Saturn is trying to pass on those lessons that they must learn, to continue to evolve into the human beings they are meant to become.

The post Retrograde period will impact those Scorpios born from November 4/5th to November 15/16th, and Taureans from May 1st/2nd to May 14/15th. Again, Saturn will bring lessons to be learned, and on a positive note — once we are imbued with the knowledge of these lessons, there will be rewards. Perhaps just a subtle knowing you have done well — or perhaps that dream come true!  Saturn’s rewards are legendary.

It is up to each of us to partake of what the Universe is providing — there is so much good, love, and kindness to be garnered if one is aware of all of the positives that are there for the taking. Use this time period well — we all have Scorpio in our charts, and if we know where this sign lives, we can get a handle on our pathway. There are cycles within cycles, a time to act for one’s own good. Now is one of those times we are blessed with by the Galaxy!  Grab your own piece of the Milky Way — soar above the crowd, be that magical being that will be able to enchant and inspire all those around you.

Celestial Blessings


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