New Moon — August 6, 2013

Our New Moon energy on the 6th of August, comes from the Moon in the sign Leo at 14 degrees, and it crests at 4:51 PM EST (add 1 hour for DST). Those folks with a birthday near the 6th, will benefit from this surge of positive power for the next few months, giving them more self-confidence, and allowing them to see more clearly their future goals.  Also those Aquarians with birth dates from the 4th to the 6th will have this energy opposite their sign, putting their partners in the light, and giving them an opportunity to have a meeting of the minds.

The sign Leo reigns over our business community, our social agendas, authority figures, children’s affairs, our prominence in society, our jobs, upward mobility, and things close to our hearts; physically, it has rulership over our upper back, our heart, and its colors are gold and royal purple. There is almost always an air of privilege surrounding our Leos, no matter the circumstance of their birth. They have substance, and an authority of manner that brings attention to them. Leos always seem to be able to garner attention wherever they might find themselves. Often looked up to, and sought out for their practical advice, our Leo brethren seem chosen to be leaders and mentors throughout their lives. Their generosity of nature allows them to give of themselves, and they are often seen volunteering in their communities.

There are intense Planetary line-ups this month with three of the outer Planets in Retrograde motion, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune — these giants of the Zodiac will be bringing up those changes we should be making. Our consciousness is being piqued and we should be paying attention to the energies surrounding us now. Are you in a funk because you can’t seem to move forward without some concessions you aren’t willing to make? Is your partner being stubborn about a move that you feel will enhance your opportunities, and you just can’t make them see your point of view? Have you come to an impasse in your job, or in your relationship that doesn’t seem to have any positive conclusion? You are feeling the disruptive forces that are in play in the ether right now. Take the time to try to come to grips with all of the opposing issues that are swirling around you, and take them apart piece by piece, to examine each section for its true value. Put together an air-tight case for your point of view, and then and only then open up a dialogue with your partner, boss, parents — whoever or whatever impediment seems to be in your way. There are solutions to every problem, with compromise and consideration for the other person’s opinion. Don’t let your plans perish because you cannot find a way to keep everyone happy. Trying to bully your way just won’t work during these tumultuous times. Be practical and truthful in all of your dealings, and there will be a positive outcome you can live with.

There also seems to be an atmosphere of some unreliability when it comes to saving for retirement, or maintaining our retirement funds — there might be some changes in tax laws, or some tightening of the rules relating to taxing those in retirement. And pension funding is under attack in many areas — just be aware of your personal plans and make sure you understand your company’s (new or revised) agendas in your savings or IRA accounts relating to your future pension plan.

There are some highlights this month that will help us enjoy these lazy Summer days — after all the Sun is in the sign Leo, and Leos know how to have a good time! Allow yourself to plan a few days away from the fray — a weekend getaway, or even just a lovely night at the theater, or overlooking the ocean and the stars one clear night. Let your psyche be infused with the positive force of the Universal emanations being released now. Mid-month there are a few upbeat aspects (Venus in good relation to Mars), that will encourage us to put our best foot forward, and might bring an opportunity we’ve been waiting to happen for a long time! Be prepared to accept the bounty of the options presented to you — you’ve worked hard to get to this point in your life — and you deserve to be rewarded.

The New Moon in Leo might bring us the awareness that we want more respect in our lives, more autonomy, and more self-confidence. Now is the time to write out your affirmations, dreams, desires and wishes to get them into the ether, where they will take hold and begin to materialize into your life. You might also want to write out a few desires for your children’s future, their well-being, and their success in the coming year. Another wish may be to achieve your goals in business, social standing, or within your peer group. Any and all of the things you can think of that will enhance your life and the lives of those you love, can be written down to enter the Universal flow and begin to better your life.

This month’s New Moon is at 14 degrees of Leo, and crests at 4:51 PM EST — you can write out your affirmations during the following 48 hours to garner the most from your requests. Employ this easy method of improving your life — you have nothing to lose in putting your goals and desires down on paper, and hence allowing the harmony and magic of the Galaxy to help you move forward in this lifetime on Earth. Be bold and brave in taking charge of your destiny — you are the best judge of who you want to be, and where you  want to go! Work with the harmony of the Universal flow — and you will reach the zenith of your desires! Peace.


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