Full Moon — August 20th, 2013

Our Full Moon this month pits the Sun in its natural sign Leo against the Moon in Aquarius — at 28 degrees, cresting at 8:45 PM EST. The Sun isn’t ever happy with the Full Moon energy, but when it is in the sign Leo and the Moon steals its luminescence — it is anathema to the usually dominant Sun! So we can say that the August moons will bring more intensity and drama than usual, in comparison with other Full Moons, especially at 28/29 degrees of the signs!  It is believed that at such a late degree, the Heavenly bodies are reluctant to give up the sign they are in, and so try to hold on to those last degrees with purpose, increasing the concentration of the power. Of course, the Planets do move on, but we can actually feel that intensity prior to the Full Moon cresting.

As often noted, those born near the days of a Full Moon might feel the impact more strongly and may have to deal with some anxiety or some kind of angst; the houses where the opposition takes place will give you a hint as to the area of misgivings.  Since the Sun in Leo is in a happy place, and the Moon in Aquarius is all about sensing our surroundings and keeping an eye on any new or futuristic ongoings, we can expect that there will be some unexpected occurrences that may have us flustered or bewildered for a moment during the span of this Full Moon’s journey.  You may experience some degree of ESP, a subtle knowing, or something happening that you just cannot explain!  Use these moments to feel, smell, taste, and hear your surroundings, try to “be” in that moment, and try  to perceive just what the Universe is trying to impart to you.

On the 19th preceding the Full Moon, the Sun in the late degrees of Leo  makes noticeable contact with both Jupiter and Uranus — there will be a lot of energy expelled into the ether, and there will be an opening when you might have a chance at a burst of good luck! It will be moving fast and will only last a short time — so if an opportunity appears and it seems right to you — give it a go!  For most of us, we will have to adhere to the usual caveats to be aware of during a Full Moon, be alert when driving, avoid confrontation, and enjoy the frisson that runs through your body, that lets you know there is electricity flowing from the Universe throughout your entire person.

We are one with the Universal flow, part of the massive Planetary bodies that surround us here on Earth — begin your journey in coordinating your personal rhythms with those of the Galaxy, and you will find yourself in a better place both mentally, emotionally and physically. Be in tune with the Natural order of life, and the benefits will become apparent to you and all whom you encounter, let this Full Moon bring you the understanding of the cycles we all must learn to accommodate. Be at one with yourself, your partner, your family, and with the ether — breathe in the regeneration of this time of the year.


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