New Moon — September 5, 2013

Our New Moon energy this month comes from its  placement in the Mutable sign Virgo, it crests at 6:36 AM EST, and is at 13 degrees of the sign. Those whose birthdays are within a day or so of the New Moon will begin a positive cycle that will last a few months, also those born around the 5th of February will have the Moon opposite their natal Sun — bringing some emotional experiences to the fore. The Moon in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces, perhaps piquing our imaginations, bringing vivid dream states, and amplifying our ESP. The Mutable signs can give us the opportunity to see our world anew, and might allow us to understand another’s opinion more easily, they are malleable to a point and can sometimes be thought of as wishy-washy. The Mutable signs are noted for not being able to choose or opt for one idea, item, plan — for another!  But the exception to this thinking might just be the sign Virgo — they have a remarkable ability to analyze and scrutinize all manner of things, ideas, and procedures — and they will then choose just the perfect item or plan for their needs without hemming and hawing, or anguishing over their choice. Our other Mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces) aren’t so precise and have difficulty in choosing in almost every area.  With the New Moon in the sign Virgo, matters of correspondence are highlighted, all manner of education, publishing, transportation, and business. Physically Virgo rules the solar plexus, lungs, and nervous system — we can see when things aren’t going our way, or we get upset, we might start to hyperventilate, and even feel a little sick to our stomachs. There is a nervous energy that accompanies the sign Virgo — but usually, our Virgo brethren put this to good use by keeping busy, and being able to accomplish large amounts of work capably and with consistency.

Most Virgos have a strong work ethic, are devoted to their jobs and their families, and go to great strides to keep things on an even keel. They are organized, neat, but possibly a bit too fastidious and finicky for the rest of us! They like everything in its place — and are uncomfortable when there is disarray. This is also true for those who have a powerful Planet in the sign — for instance Mars in Virgo might make for a persnickety person, Neptune in Virgo can need artistic arrangement of their possessions, Mercury in Virgo will bring someone who will be quick to criticize, or to neaten any room — even when it is obvious something is being used (a book being read, or the area around the computer is unkempt ) it will be straightened out!

There is also a lot of energy being expelled with some significant aspects between the Planets this month — Saturn especially will amp up our sense of being able to accomplish our goals with the help of its trines to Neptune and Jupiter! Depending upon where Saturn lives in your chart, and the house in which the other Planets lie will let you know where the influence will manifest. There will be ample power to begin movement toward your ultimate goals. Also a positive sextile from Saturn to Pluto will give us a practical outlook and keep us using our common sense in just what and how much we can accomplish. It is time to dig deep into your psyche with the help of this brilliant array to decide just what we want from our lifetime here, and begin to lay the groundwork to make it happen. Opportunity, creativity, and practicality are the buzz words for this month. The world can be your oyster — open your heart and mind to the harmony of the Universe, and see what magic is in the ether.

The only caveat this month is that one should not be precipitous in their actions — it is a perfect time to plan, seek answers, steep yourself in whatever avenue you wish to pursue with a measure of patience. Pluto will go into forward motion later in the month and will therefore ease up some of the restrictions you might have been feeling around you. As always if we move within the harmony of the Planetary progressions, our way is made so much easier and more fulfilling. This is a month for advancement in whatever arena you wish to enter — breathe in the power of renewal that is being offered. Bathe yourself in these exciting elements bringing optimism and hope.

Our ultimate goal during the New Moon period is to write out our affirmations, dreams, wishes and goals to be entered into the ether with the immense vitality being released into the Universe. Use this time well, and you can influence your own future in a positive manner. Since we are dealing with Virgo energy, we may want to get started on a healthy dietary and exercise routine, or we might want to see our surroundings improved with an eye to more storage space, also you might want more creativity in your life, and you might want a more practical way of handling yourself in the workplace. All of these areas are under Virgo’s reign — anywhere you want more order, practicality, and logical thinking, now is the time to promote those desires. Honor, work ethic, respect, and a commonsensical approach to life are all able to be harnessed under the auspices of our Virgo New Moon. Especially with the New Moon in Virgo, being precise in writing out your wishes is of utmost importance — detail will be crucial.  The New Moon crests on the 5th at 6:36 AM EST — all day on the 5th, and the morning hours of the 6th are the most potent times to write out your wishes.

Happiness and contentment can be yours, it is your right to be happy! Find your own niche, where you feel fully alive, yet calm, valued and appreciated, cherished and loved — that will be your Utopia!

Happy Labor Day!


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