New Moon Reminder — September 5, 2013

Tomorrow’s the day to write out your affirmations, dreams, wishes and goals to put them into the exuberant ether of our New Moon in Virgo! With the help of the outer Planets (Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter) in the water signs , we are being urged to use our minds, intuition and emotions in order to dig into our psyches and perfect just what it is we want to manifest into our lives.

Since the sign Virgo is all about precision, analysis, and accuracy, we are being held to a higher and more meticulous standard of detail than usual. Be thoughtful and careful in your written wishes — be specific, and kind of paint a picture with your words about those things you truly want to happen. Your own words hold the magic and magnetism that will make your wishes special and unique unto yourself and those you love. Your thoughts are the magnet that will draw those particular dreams into your realm — never denigrate the power of thought. Everything is connected — our thoughts, our feelings and our consciousness.  Use these special times when the New Moon energy is surging with the force of the Universe and is within your power to influence — believe in your innate ability to move positive waves of the force for good into your life.

Take control over those things within your sphere of influence — work your own magic into your life — believe in the power of your love and devotion to yourself and your family. The Universe is listening and is ready to help you help yourself. Let this time be your time!

May your journey be blessed!


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