Full Moon — September 19, 2013

We will have a Pisces Full Moon this month, that crests at 6:13 AM EST on the 19th. Opposite the Sun in Virgo we have a Mutable sign face off! The Sun in Virgo desiring order and practicality, and the Moon in Pisces moving us towards the mystic and magic of our imaginations. A conundrum that will play out in the late hours of the 18th and early hours of the 19th. this combination of opposing views might make for an interesting and slightly impractical moment in time. Those brilliant ideas hatched during these hours might not be the most doable, or able to be put into action. Allow yourself to sleep on any major decisions — and review them later on during the following few days. It is an old truism that things do look different in the light of a fresh and new day!

Any inappropriate actions you might find yourself involved in during this span, may impact your life more than your usual indiscretions might have in the past.  The Full Moon enhances any and all actions, feelings, and reactions we may be having. Our cautionary note here would be to monitor yourself and any situation that might be over-the-top while you are out and about. Don’t let any discussions get out of hand, or any tense situations escalate to an untenable peak. Nip those tenuous situations in the bud and try to assuage any hurt or upset emotions that may have been unintentionally ruffled.

On a positive note — this could be a great time to allow your imagination to soar, you may have brilliant flashes of creativity that could be brought to fruition. However, use the practical Virgo Sun to make sure that you are not going off on a tangent that is ultimately not going to work. Use the extra oomph of the Pisces Moon to enhance those already established inspired ideas that you know have a chance to be implemented. After the Full Moon crests, you will have a better chance to get your creative ideas into the real world and can start to enhance your own future with the magic of Neptune’s inspiration.

As usual our caveat is to be aware of your surroundings, any angry outbursts around you, and since Virgo is ruled by Mercury — be observant of those who might be driving erratically — just being hyper aware, you can avoid any negative impact this Full Moon might have — be alert, be calm, and be safe!

We are looking forward to the Autumnal Equinox on Sunday the 22nd! I’ll be posting!



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