Autumnal Equinox — September 22, 2013

As the Sun moves into the Cardinal sign Libra at 3:45 PM EST on the 22nd — we celebrate the Autumnal Equinox! In our New England area it ushers in a season of cool, crisp nights and days that warm as the Sun rises in the sky. Our many deciduous maple, oak, birch and elm trees begin their Autumn splendor  by changing into hues of gold, orange, red and russet. The rich colors stand out against the bluest of skies infiltrated with fluffy white clouds, raising our spirits with the beauty of Nature in all her majestic flamboyance.

The harvesting has begun, and our larders begin to fill with the bounty of our rich fertile soil and our local farmer’s labor. The fruit trees are bearing a plethora of ripened produce; apples of all kinds, quince for jelly, Bosc and Bartlett pears, all ready to be picked on a brisk weekend day!  Fresh cider has been pressed, and the aroma of cider doughnuts is in the air. Fields of pumpkins and squash of many varieties are ready to be taken home — emblazoning the fields with their orange, yellow and green hues. The smell of leaves being burned wafts over the land with its tangy, acrid odor so reminiscent of our New England fall season.

Remembering our car trips to the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire many years past, evokes a memory of the magnificence of mountainsides blazing with all the glory they can manifest. We traverse winding roadways with a new and better view around each and every corner. We stop at roadside stands bursting with the freshest and ripest of vegetables, fruits, and home-made pies and jams from the harvest that fill our hearts and stomachs. It is with thankfulness that we realize how blessed we are to be living in such a magnificent area — we have the ocean, fields, valleys, hillocks and mountains at our doorstep. Soon they will be blanketed in white when our winter season begins, but for now our landscape is bursting with all of the colors that Nature can offer — a glorious display that would be difficult to outshine.

Now to the astrological happenings during this time span — with the Sun entering the Cardinal sign Libra we are being encouraged to move forward — whether to harvest our fields, or to make sure we are on the road to reaching our goals. There are a lot of Celestial ongoings prior to the Equinox that will gear us up in a good way — after the Full Moon crests early on the 19th the Moon moves into eager Aries to get us motivated and energized for the upcoming Holidays! Pluto will go direct allowing us more positive vibes from his unique repertoire of digging in, wresting secrets out, and generally making us “see” what is really going on in our world. The tiny dynamo is being spirited on by a pleasant aspect from Saturn and being tweaked by Venus — now doesn’t that sound exciting? And it is!  This combination will encourage us to finish up projects, begin anew some  things we have left for a while, and all of the energy expended will allow us to see our path clearly in order to bring these ventures to a satisfactory conclusion without much ado.

After the Equinox, our loving Planet Venus trines (good aspect) our jolly Planet Jupiter bringing us a feeling of good health, good tidings towards our fellow-men, and perhaps meeting a Karmic tie who will become an important part of your life. The efforts of the Galaxy are trying their best to bring us to our perfect journey here on Earth — we are so blessed to be able to dig deep into our psyches and allow the forces of the Universal flow to enter our bodies, our minds and our emotions to be used to enhance our abilities and point us in the right direction for our most promising personal fulfillment.

Move with the harmony of the Universal current, and you will be literally on cloud nine! Using all of the power at your disposal to make your lives and the lives of those you love the best it can be! Enjoy this unique time of year, and open your hearts and minds to all of the beauty and splendor that is afforded to each and every one of us.

Happy Autumnal Equinox — to all!


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