New Moon — October 4, 2013

Our New Moon this month is in the Cardinal sign Libra at 11 degrees, and crests at 7:35 PM EST. All those whose birth dates are near the 4th will be starting a new cycle of growth and balance. Those in the opposite sign in early April may also notice a shift in their emotional responsiveness, and their sensitivity to what is going on around them. Both groups will be sensing a change in just what is important to them in the upcoming weeks. The Cardinal signs like Libra urge us to move forward, and to take charge of our journey — Libra especially wants to help us find balance and equanimity in all areas of our lives. The impetus of the Moon in Libra helps us to improve our relationships, to take a close look at our partnerships, and gives us the opportunity to see what is working and what might need to be changed for the better.

There is a lot of positive activity this month — Neptune our Planet of illusion and beauty is in good aspect to Saturn, our Planet of discipline and patience. They will encourage us to find what is best in our relationships and partnerships, and we may find just how to improve and solidify our connections with our closest brethren. These two Planets are also in a moderately good aspect to tiny Pluto our dynamo of regeneration and change — so if changes need to be made this is an auspicious time frame to find the ways to make our connections more solid and true. There is also a charge of energy spurred on by the Sun which might make us a little precipitous in leaping without looking first — be aware that your need for independence might interject a bit of bravado into your psyche — just be sure any unrest you are feeling isn’t just a passing phase.

Later in the month Venus our Planet of love and those we care about is moving into Sagittarius and will be in a good aspect to Uranus in Aries, Uranus is our planet of the unexpected — there is a good chance you may meet someone during this period, Uranus brings experiences in with fiery passion, but sadly they can sometimes disappear just as quickly! So be aware if there is too much emotion being expended — it may be fleeting.  Or you might be up for the adventure of a lifetime — there will be lots of positive vibes to hurry you on your way.

Now for the news none of us is overly fond of — yes folks, Retrograde Mercury will begin on the 21st and will continue until November the 9th — try not to begin any new activities during this time period, and if you must — check all documentation, forms, and any communications involved in the process. There will be delays in travel (I am traveling during this time, and hope to be prepared for any contingencies) –computers will have issues, check cars for needed repairs, and remember we sometimes get a “do-over” when Mercury Rx’s — so anything that might have gone awry earlier has a chance of being corrected. Since Mercury is in the sign Scorpio during this transit — our minds will be picking up nuances and lots of hints about the reality of what is really going on. We will be able to cut to the chase and figure out where any glitches might be. Still, with the ponderous Saturn also in Scorpio, we may have some unfinished business to take care of — time to clean up any detritus that may be lurking within or without!   It might be as simple as cleaning your desk off — getting rid of any old clothes that no longer are being used, or perhaps a complete makeover of yourself or your surroundings. Bogged down by clutter– either mentally or physically — now’s the time to clear it all up!  Refresh yourself, your surroundings, and your outlook all in one fell swoop!

Mars in the sign Virgo is also compelling us to put our house in order, championed on by Pluto in Capricorn — the practical is being pushed forward to keep us on an even keel — doesn’t it feel great when you have unburdened yourself of unnecessary clutter! Go for the clean sweep and feel the weight of releasing physical items along with any other needless burdens you have been holding on to; anger, frustration, guilt,  jealousy, envy and any heartache — let the negativity go — release it into the ether — and begin to move on with living your life to the full.

The beauty of the New Moon is its abundant positive energy that can propel us forward to new heights! We are able to write out our desires, affirmations, wishes and dreams and let them begin their journey into the magic of the Universal flow — this might be a good month to shake up the norm!  Libra likes balance and equality — but sometimes we just need to put things out there that might be a bit over-the-top! This month try a little frivolity and playfulness — put in a few “crazy” wishes and see what might happen — yes those things you want to manifest that have a serious nature should be included — but take a chance on something out of the ordinary or just downright silly!  I want to take ballet lessons!  I would love to be able to play the guitar! It would be great if I found the most comfortable pair of shoes ever! I would like a million dollars in a happy way! Maybe I will be able to take that around the world tour! Let your imaginations soar and let the Galaxy help you find your bliss!

Of course, with Libra the sign of this New Moon we will probably find ourselves looking for the beauty and love in our lives, we might want to truly fit into our office staff with respect and approval, perhaps we do need a makeover for a new position, or we need to find a way to balance our working life with our home life, all of these can be addressed this month. Whatever your needs or desires are, you have the ability to put them forth into the positive flow of the Galaxy! Since the New Moon crests at 7:35 PM EST, all evening and the next day will be auspicious to write out your affirmations — let the beauty and romance of this Libra New Moon envelope you with the wisdom of the ages — breathe in the intoxicating essence of this magical moment — make it yours!

What we do and think contributes to the outcome of our lives — be as positive, kind and loving, and spiritual as you can — Saturn rewards those who follow their bliss — be the recipient of all the positivity and harmony available — don’t settle for less. Peace!


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