Full Moon — October 18th, Rx Mercury — October 21st

We have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 18th at 25 degrees of the sign Aries, cresting at 6:38 PM. Those folks with a birthday or indeed any major Planet conjunct this Aries degree may have to deal with some issues that have been on the back burner, but have now come to the fore and must be handled. Also anyone with a Planet in opposition to this sign and degree in Libra will have to attend to some controversy that has arisen. All Full Moons have the possibility of shaking up our complacency and calmness, when it is an Eclipse it brings a bit more energy to the party! We have managed to get through many Eclipses and other difficult moments in our lives, and all it really takes is the ability to remain in control of our emotions and actions when others may have lost that capacity. I believe that forewarned is forearmed — just be aware of the possibility that some folks may have anger issues, gripes or grievances that have been simmering, and this moment in time with the impetus of the Heavenly bodies in flux, the confluence of all these influences may induce that perfect storm bringing a crescendo of emotional crises. Be attuned to your environment, steer clear of any angry or overly emotional folks who are looking for an argument. Bring your A-game and be the well-balanced person who can size up any situation, and can calm the roiling emotions of others. You can be the peacemaker who will help to avoid any brouhaha that may be taking form.

NOTE: If you know your ascendant, you can judge just what house any lunation or other planetary aspect will fall — if you haven’t got your natal chart, please check out the post, “An Easy Way to Find Your Ascendant” — in the September 2011 Archives! It’s not perfect, but will give you some idea of the placement of the Natal houses. Then, you can determine where these aspects and transits will affect your chart and your life.

Now to the other onerous aspect this month, Retrograde Mercury will begin on October 21st at 18 degrees of Scorpio, and won’t turn direct until November 10th at 2 degrees of Scorpio. We all know that any  Retrograding Mercury will have some negative influence on our correspondence, transportation, and any legal papers or contracts that are pending. We must be hyper-aware of any negative or delaying tactics or impediments that blossom at this time. Just being vigilant and aware will allow us to avoid most if not all gloomy happenstance that occur. We can often use Rx Mercury to return to some issues that went awry in the past, and will find a solution to the earlier problems. In the sign Scorpio, we can dig deep into any area and clean up many of those happenings that weren’t properly handled previously. The Universe is always helping us to review our journeys here to better understand just what we are meant to be doing. Work with the harmony of the Galaxy and your life will become more positive and fruitful, promoting your own agenda.

You may find your psyche is being stimulated to think beyond the ordinary, and is being prodded into thinking in a new way. You might find yourself contemplating other worldly areas of existence and thinking beyond the here and now. Let your imagination soar and be open to all of the intuition and mystery of the Universe. You can tap into the immense and magical realm of all that is — you can be awakened to the fullest cognition available to humanity. Allow yourself to be immersed into the Auric flow of all the wonders of not only our Earthly existence, but of that hidden and miraculous ether that is our destiny! We have the ability to soar above our Earthly bonds in our imaginations and in our ethereal and spiritual bodies. Try your wings and ascend into the airy heights of your most idyllic persona.

On a practical note — working with all the Planetary aspects and transits that are going on, will enhance your life by allowing you to take control of all those goals you wish to attain. Work within the boundaries of what is in your best interest, and what you hope to achieve for yourself and your loved ones. It is within your power to take charge and move forward in a positive direction to enhance your life’s pathway. Move with the Universal flow, and you will be going in the right direction — fight against these moments and you are fighting your Karma. Become one with the World, the Galaxy and Eternity. You are an entity of energy and light — let your presence be known and take your rightful place within your true realm. Peace!


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