Halloween — October 31, 2013

It always seems to me that Halloween arrives just in time to shake up the status quo — it comes approximately between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice! It’s roots go back to our Celtic forebears when the days began to get darker, and the cold winds started to warn of the coming difficulties of the Winter. It was believed that the veil between our Earthly world and the world of fairies and demons was able to be breached, and actions had to be taken to avoid being victimized by these sprites! Hence, our disguising ourselves to fool the beasties into passing us by for they did not recognize us in our changed visages. Also, the children would carry hollowed out turnips — some with faces carved into them and candles lit to help ward off any evil that might have been nearby.  Bonfires were lit to help scare off any creepies or crawlies in the area, and the villagers would come together to hopefully ward off any negativity that might be active, and causing trouble.  Superstition reigned, and all were consciously warding off any wickedness that might assail them. Amulets, charms and other magical items were carried to protect and keep one safe from any evil.

The Wiccan community celebrated a day of remembering their ancestors at this time (Samhain, “Sahwin”) one of four yearly celebrations, and the Christian communities also had an All Souls Day to pray for their beloved departed. These varied celebrations merged throughout the centuries and is celebrated throughout the world in various and sundry ways. Usually the festivities begin at sundown on October 31st and continue until sundown on November 1st.

Today, here in the USA we celebrate Halloween! It is one of the most beloved of Holidays — both children and adults patiently await the day or night when they can masquerade and become anyone or anything they desire! There are a plethora of princesses, fairies, super-heroes, cowboys, ninjas, and cartoon characters for the children to become. For the adults — their only limit is the vastness of their imaginations — from characters on the silver screen or favorite idols from the entertainment industry, to robots, demons, angels, and any fantastic creature or phantasm one can think to become. We can transform, camouflage, disguise, and impersonate all of the above! This year the Moon is in well-balanced Libra, so the celebrations might be more moderate — however, the Sun, Mercury and Saturn are all in Scorpio — so hidden surprises, scares and frights may be lurking in the darkness — for this one night, we can be all that our imaginations allow, we can dance, chant, sing, whoop, howl and generally let loose our free-spirited natures. We are transformed, renewed, spiritually liberated and unchained of Earthly endeavors.

We can once again become that inner child — amazed, awed, and agape at the wonder of this special night. Quickly going from house to house shouting “Trick or Treat” — seeing our children playing out their fantasies, as we did so many years ago. All the beasties and beauties vying for their favorite treats — carefree, immersed in their fantasies, free of all care — for this one night — we believe!

May you all have a BE”Witching” Halloween!


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