New Moon — November 3, 2013

The New Moon this month is in Scorpio at 11 degrees of the sign, and crests at 7:50 AM EST. We have a Solar Eclipse which makes this New Moon stronger in its effects, and makes it longer lasting to those whose birthdays are close to the 3rd. Of course, anyone with a Planet or aspect at or near 11 degrees of Scorpio or Taurus will be more likely to feel the energy of this phase. Look to your chart and find where this axis arises, and those houses will be the focus of the New Moon now, and for the upcoming next few months. There is a lot of watery influence this month with a feisty Mars in Virgo stimulating this time span. Mars will be in good aspect to Pluto in Capricorn and will be moderately helpful in aspect to Saturn in Scorpio. Working with the positive movement of the Planets will give you the impetus to move forward with confidence in planning and securing the future you deserve.

With the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Moon all in Scorpio — and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and Jupiter in Cancer, there is a lot of emotional and intuitive energy being swirled into the ether. We should all try to tap into the plethora of this sensitive and perceptive eddy of feelings and be open to listening to our inner voice. Those underlying emotions that are gently tapping us on the shoulder to begin to feel just what our place is here on Earth, are now being stimulated by the deepest of insights. Listen with your heart, mind and spirit to all of the whisperings you know you need to pay attention to, for your future growth and evolvement. This time span is rife with inner truths and undeniable reality, if you but take the time to feel, listen, experience and believe!

Jupiter in Cancer will turn Retrograde on the 7th, and will allow us to regroup somewhat in looking over our plans for the holiday season. With Mercury also in Retrograde motion until the 10th, any implementing of plans for the holidays should be put off until Mercury goes direct. Just keep your lists in order and when you feel comfortable — move forward with confidence and purpose in getting all of your holiday chores completed with equanimity and speed. The Planets are always working with us, if we know their cycles and motion — it is so much easier to enjoy the rhythm of life when you go with the Universal flow. There is harmony in the ether that we can use to our advantage — and be rewarded with the ease of moving forward with dignity and grace.

Of course — with the holidays comes family ties, close friendships, and all friendly relationships that help us complete our journey here. We will be able to sense the feelings of others, somehow know what they are thinking, and will be able to forestall any negative happenings with a positive and loving attitude. We will be garnering a better understanding of our own psyches, and will also be attuned to those we love and cherish. Remember, when Rx Mercury goes direct on the 10th, there will be a short period of confusion and an unsettled feeling — this will soon pass, and the forward motion of both Mercury and Neptune will help us boldly move ahead with our plans.

This month there is also a very nice aspect from Mercury to Jupiter, and Venus around Thanksgiving Day! It is a time to gather, to communicate, and to bond with those who are our very nearest and dearest. Take the positive energy from these Planets and make this the moment to truly immerse yourself in the family dynamics in a positive and healing manner. Let go of any animosity or angst you may be holding onto from past hurts or peeves. You will feel the burden of holding these negative emotions lift from your shoulders, and you will be able to embrace the real meaning of giving thanks. Being aware of how little some of your issues really count will allow you to listen to your inner spirit and will allow you to forgive and forget. Give yourself the gift of forgiveness — free your spirit with the loving kindness you would show to others. Realize how magnificent it is to be human, with all of the frailties — we are miracles to behold.

With our New Moon in the sign Scorpio, our deepest desires and needs are coming to the fore — now is the time to dig deep into the recesses of your psyche, soul, and spirit to find those affirmations and dreams that will move you forward on your highest pathway here on Earth. Write out any and all of your most sincere requests to put them forth into the Universal ether. Any and all of your dreams can and will manifest given the time and positive influence of the Galaxy. Scorpio is such a powerful and complex sign you can stretch your imagination to encompass so many areas of desire — for instance, you might want to ask for a deeper understanding of yourself and your loved ones, you might need to find a quiet place to call your own to meditate or just be, also — you may want to find yourself being able to reconnect with family or friends whom you haven’t seen for some time, or it may be that you need to find the right time to ask for that raise, commit to a courageous proposal, and find your true path throughout this lifetime. Any and all you can possibly think about can and will eventually be manifested with positive thoughts and actions. Give yourself this gift of New Moon energy and write out your affirmations — all day on the 3rd is the most positive for garnering favor!

Work with the harmony of the Universe, and there is nothing you cannot achieve — at this magical time of year, we all want to enjoy the rewards of living a good life — of caring and nurturing our loved ones — of being true to ourselves. If we but believe that we can and will achieve all that is best for us to grow and evolve into the entity we truly are, then we will never be disappointed in how our lifetime emanates. We will have challenges to face, crises to endure, and sorrows that seem never-ending — still in the silence of our quiet  moments, we understand that all of who we are is made up of positive and negative times — and how we manage to survive, and indeed thrive throughout this Earthly existence is the true test of our humanity. My wish for all of you is for peaceful moments, deeper understanding, loving ties, and a Happy Thanksgiving! Peace.


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