Full Moon in Taurus — November 17, 2013

November’s Full Moon is at 25 Degrees of the sign Taurus, and crests at 10:16 AM EST. Taurus is ruled by benevolent Venus and this Full Moon will bring us to a closer understanding of our loved ones during its transit through this sign. Of course, Taurus has a reputation for being a bit on the stubborn side, so we must try to refrain from being bombastic in our language, or doggedly insisting that we are always right! You will have to keep an eye on your expenditures — especially as Taureans are exceptionally generous to their loved ones when it comes to giving gifts! They love to go over-the-top with meaningful, but perhaps too costly gifts — most often during the Holiday Season. Our Taurus brethren love all of the good things in life — and being ruled by Venus that includes a sweet tooth — so during this food-laden time of year they must be careful not to indulge in too many of the delectable desserts and goodies that are within our grasp everywhere we look.

Taurus loves beauty, decoration, and any artistic display — and their homes will indeed reflect their very good taste in all things related to the Holiday Season. They love a good time with family and friends, and will enjoy all of the entertainment of the upcoming celebrations. Taurus should keep an eye on their bottom line, and plan ahead for any expenses they will incur — I’m not too concerned, since most Taurus have a keen ability to control their finances and are aware of future needs.

We will experience a long Venus transit of the sign Capricorn that began on November 5, 2013, because it turns Retrograde on December 21st, and doesn’t leave the sign until March of 2014. So — all Capricorns will find themselves with a little extra boost in all things related to loved ones during this long transit. Prepare now to realize how much that special someone truly means to you, and think about how different your life would be without them. Embrace you family (what better time than the Holidays), and let them know how much you care. Also, Venus brings us more beauty, more caring and more loving ties into our lives. See where Capricorn lives in your chart, and there you will find where your most affectionate connections will be enhanced.

Still, we are dealing with the Full Moon — which does bring a bit more turmoil, angst, and bother to us in many ways. As always, keep a cool head if confronted by someone who is out of control, be a defensive driver, be aware of all that is swirling around you — and don’t be drawn into someone else’s angry outburst. We traverse these turbulent time periods with ease, most of the time, and just a little extra caution will get us through this one also.

Use the energy of the Taurus Full Moon to help you find the perfect gift for that special person, find the best and most beautiful decorations for your home, and be bathed in the glow of this Venus ruled sign. If You’re putting up the lights around your home — be cautious and make sure of your grounding both physically and electrically! Safety first!

The Native Americans called this the Full Beaver Moon — because the beavers are strengthening their dams at this time before the ice and snow of the winter weather arrives. And so with the full Moon in Taurus, we should be preparing for our own winter needs — take this time to appreciate what the New England winter can bring — and make plans accordingly.


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