Thanksgiving Thoughts — 2013

This year Thanksgiving Day is a bit later, leaving us less shopping days until Christmas, but I just love the unruffled entertainment of Thanksgiving. We gather as a family, with friends and loved ones to celebrate our good fortune in having each other. Truly — our friends and family are our greatest gifts here on planet Earth. It is our connection to one another that bring out our character, where we learn trust and allegiance. Our family traditions are carried on generation after generation — changing with the times, being improved and given enough repetition, becoming an intrinsic part of our holiday ritual. It might be always having that huge Turkey with all the fixin’s, or making sure everyone has their favorite dessert! Whatever it is, it is part of our family tradition, and is warm and comfortable, and helps to keep the family close.

What do the stars have in store for us this year — The Moon has moved into Libra, allowing us to get balanced with all there is to do — and coming early on the 28th is a positive trine from Mercury in Scorpio to Jupiter in Cancer. Watery signs are always a harbinger of emotion, and many of us will find ourselves thinking of those loved ones who have passed on — we have lost 3 special folks over the last three years — and our lives and table will be emptier because we will miss their physical presence. However, I believe they will always be with us in spirit! Venus the Planet of those we love and cherish will be in opposition to Jupiter (Capricorn/Cancer) –but these two benefices surely will only bring a surfeit of warm emotion and caring — this is not the day to air ones frustration and petty squabbles. You might find the youngsters are fidgety and may need a walk outside after their meal. Indeed that might be a good idea for all of us!

As we travel to see our loved ones on this holiday — it behooves us to remember how grateful we are to have a place to go — to have folks that care about us — and that they are happy to see us! As we enjoy the fragrant aromas that touch our very souls — see the bounty that lies before us, salivating at the knowledge that soon those delectable treats will be savored on the palate — we should take a moment to reflect on our lives, on our luck, on our journey here on Earth. How lucky are we to be with our closest kith and kin, to observe this unique and most loving of family occasions. Bask in the love and care you have garnered throughout your life — and if this year has had some problems, take a deep breath and smile — it will bring a smile to someone else, and on and on and on! Such a simple yet effective part of our human condition — one smile begets another! Scatter them among all who enter your realm.

Enjoy this Thanksgiving Day — immerse yourself in family and tradition, be thankful and humbled by your incredible luck. Love, be loved, eat, drink and be merry — be kind, care for one another, and always realize that the jewels in your crown are your nearest and dearest. Blessed be!

And a Happy Hanukah!


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