New Moon — December 2, 2013

Our last New Moon of the year crests on December 2nd, at 11 degrees of the sign Sagittarius, at 7:23 PM EST. Those folks born on or near the 2nd will be starting a new Lunar cycle. Since Sagittarius is ruled by Jolly Jupiter, this always seems like a lively and positive New Moon. It is perfect this year for ushering us into the Holiday shopping season with a generous heart and the mind-set to try to please everyone on our list. The only caveat here will be to keep to our budgets, and not be impulsive when something cute, quirky, or is seemingly priced right, and looks like a bargain. Stop, think, and remember what your ultimate plan truly is for each of the recipients of your largesse — and then act accordingly! Don’t be swayed by an advertiser’s hype, or the cleverly placed displays you see as soon as you walk into the stores.

With Uranus in fiery Aries turning direct on the 17th — we will be energized and ready to finish up all of our Holiday chores and shopping — however, this is also the day of the Full Moon, so don’t be precipitous in insisting upon having your own way — also in the mix is Mars in the opposite sign Libra, stirring up the volatility — the exact opposition of Uranus and Mars will be cresting on Christmas morning! Keep cool, calm and collected especially if you are driving to your Christmas destination. Let’s all be aware of distracted drivers, and those who might be tired and/or stressed out. Be safe and be sure to make your journey on time and in good stead. Uranus is also in a negative aspect to Pluto — again — don’t be so consumed with your own agenda that you forget what this season is all about, and how much you truly want to please your loved ones. It is up to us to bring a loving harmony into our lives, and to those we love and cherish.

We all want to enjoy this season of love, beauty and kindness to the full — this year we might have to constantly be on guard against those who might have other agendas. There is no sense in airing old squabbles or any affronts you may have perceived against you — this is the time to turn the other cheek — and avoid those who would bring you and your ideals down. Don’t fall for what the nay-sayers are trying to do — bring your best and most positive game into play! It’s your life, and being upbeat and outgoing will be the best comeback you can have. Smooth any rough waters, be loving and supportive of all those within your realm.

On the most positive side of the equation, we have the magnificent trine (so good) of the Water signs — Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces! This is where we want to concentrate our feelings and emotions — get in tune with these powerful Planets as they weave their magic into the ether — we are largely made up of water, and we can easily be moved by the love, and beauty in our lives. Attune yourself to your inner psyche, and feel the harmony being emitted all around you. Even those who usually do not feel the aura of others will begin to tune into what other folks are feeling, if they are but still for a moment. In the quiet of your spirit you will begin to absorb all that is swirling around you — be aware of the positive vibes of your family and friends and return the feelings of love, caring and kindness that are being given to you. Now — especially — we need to feel the compassion, empathy and warmth for all those who are less fortunate than we are — share your good luck with others, and open your heart and mind to all. This is the journey of mankind — to understand, to encompass, and to welcome all of the Earth’s children.

Since our New Moon is in the sign Sagittarius we have a broad aspect from which to choose our affirmations and wishes — Jupiter, its ruler covers so many areas — travel, religion, law, banking, sports, and beginning new enterprises! Also Sagittarius looks to the future with a sense of adventure. You may want to find yourself taking new classes to improve your career, to find a way to learn by traveling to far off lands, or maybe you just want to have more input in your own affairs. Look to your chart and see where this New Moon has sway — and you might be well-pleased to see it coincides with your desires. Especially at this time of year we may be figuring out just where we are on our journey here — and we can make plans for the coming year in order to move us in the right direction. Dig deep into your psyche to find your Bliss! Be definite in your written requests and wishes — nothing is off the table. The New Moon crests at 7:23 PM EST — from that time, and for the next 24 hours are the most effective in writing out your affirmations and putting your desires into the ether. Let your imaginations soar and put your heart and soul into your dreams — the Universe will make the magic happen. Resolve to do this for yourself, and for those you love and cherish. Be the leader of your tribe, the captain of your ship, the mover and shaker of your own life. May you all find Peace in your hearts and spirits!


2 comments on “New Moon — December 2, 2013

  1. Ginger says:

    Miss Nancy ~ so sweetly done!
    Encouraging and enlightening
    Thank You for the knowledge
    You share

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