Venus in Capricorn — through March 5, 2014

*See Venus through the signs from March 5th to December 31st 2014 in February 2014 Archives!

Venus the Planet of Love, those we cherish, and all things beautiful and sweet, will be transiting the sign Capricorn until March of 2014. Venus entered Capricorn on November 5th of this year, and will Retrograde on December 21st until January 31st of 2014. The Planet then proceeds on its journey through the sign Capricorn until entering the sign Aquarius on March 5th 2014. This is quite a long transit for Venus in one sign, and so it will behoove us to look at our charts to see where the sign Capricorn lives — here we will find a new path for our love, our loved ones, and all things we consider beautiful. Yes Venus does also rule sweets — but in the sign Capricorn — we may be pairing it with some savory and/or spicy items!

Venus isn’t as at home in Capricorn as it might be in other signs (Venus has rulership over Taurus and Libra) — however, in Capricorn our Lady Venus becomes more a business woman, rather than the artiste she intrinsically believes herself to be! In her “native” signs she is concerned with all things beautiful, for the home, for swathing oneself in exotic and lavish clothing, for creating beautiful surroundings whether true art, or just artful collections. She sees our beauty in all ways, our humanness is as comely to her as the flowers that bloom in the Spring. Venus encompasses all those we love, protect, and support in all caring ways. She is the epitome of good taste and refinement. Whenever you notice some lovely vista, a precious jewel, your child’s face, or anything you regard as beautiful — it’s Venus placement in our chart that stimulates these feelings and observations. Also, do you have a sweet-tooth? It’s probably Venus that’s stimulating your need for all things sugary! In Capricorn, we might be pairing our sweets with some savory tastes — there are new items on the store shelves, hot and sweet salted nuts, chocolate with spices added for zest, and ice creams now with savory additions, like lobster, and chilies! Hmmm — I’ll take my sweets just sweet please!

Venus is our Love Planet — giving us our ability to love, and our need to be in love! The sign in which Venus appears in your natal chart, will show where you are vulnerable to your feelings, and will show how you perceive what love means to you. Love does make the world go round — and it motivates us to be our best selves in order to attract our forever soul-mate. Venus gives us our appreciation of all the good things life has to offer. Our idea of what is beautiful and attractive will be modified by the sign placement of Venus in our chart, and what Planets might be close to or opposite it. If Uranus is conjunct our natal Venus, we may be drawn to the quirky or unusual in our taste in art, clothing, or surroundings. However — having Saturn opposite our natal Venus might make us more inclined to take a stark view of all things most consider lovely, and we could be more stimulated by a heavier, more somber and severe take on beauty and fashion. Good taste is always in fashion, but each of us marches to a different drummer, and indeed — one cannot judge anyone’s idea of beauty!

Look to your own chart and check the sign on your Ascendant — (the left side of the Zodiac) — this will let you know what house Venus is traveling in during this transit in Capricorn. For instance:

Aries on the Ascendant, Capricorn will be in the tenth house — which rules your social standing and your career. With benefic Venus here, you can expect some enjoyable social occasions, especially during these Holiday weeks. You will be able to network, and you’ll be thought especially charming! Take advantage of this time-span, and promote your agenda — work-related or just having fun with family and friends. The caveat here is not to indulge in too many of the goodies that are rampant now — or you could find yourself gaining a few extra pounds! Aries will make the most of this advantageous aspect, in promoting their own upwardly mobile movement to the top. Be sure to stop for a moment, and be aware of the warm and affectionate feelings of all those who mean the most to you, and return their love!

Taurus on the Ascendant, will bring Capricorn to your ninth house — this is a busy house, having to do with higher education, long travels, law, religion, banking and sports. Venus will highlight some or all of these areas, according to your own interests. If you are heading for a new college, you will be welcomed easily (beware the Freshman 15). If you have any issues with the law, they could be found in your favor. Want to travel or follow your favorite sports team — you might have the opportunity to do so now. A house-proud Taurus, you may want to refresh your home with a few creative and lovely items! Possibly you will be traveling to see relatives or friends over the holiday period — you will be welcomed with open arms. Keep track of any travel delays due to weather conditions. Venus will enhance your appreciation of the beauty around you — and the beauty within!

Gemini on the Ascendant, has Capricorn in the eighth house of regeneration, other’s monies, and of course, death and taxes! With beautiful Venus in residence, you may find yourself with a tidy inheritance, or a truly precious keepsake from a dear friend, finding a deeper meaning to your life, and realizing how much your loved ones mean to you. This could be an awakening in the truest sense of the word. Believe in your abilities, your uniqueness, and your dreams! With Venus in your corner you will be the architect of your own life pathway. This placement of Venus will give you a practical outlook on your relationships, and will garner you the respect you so richly deserve. Look to your future — plan accordingly — and reap your rewards!

Cancer on the Ascendant, finds Capricorn in your seventh house — this area rules partnerships, both business and personal. Venus will definitely bring some loving ties into your life — whether they will be long-lasting is up to you. Since Capricorn is opposite your sign, you might find you are being attracted to a more staid, serious, and solid person. Perhaps someone quite different than what you thought you wanted. Venus will be increasing your feelings of caring, and will bring more loving thoughts into your realm. If you are looking for a new love, Venus will help you to bring you into contact with those who will be most compatible and attuned to your sensitive nature. Enjoy this moment with Venus shining her loving presence as a mirror image — reflecting all of your own beauty back to you.

Leo on the ascendant, brings Capricorn into your sixth house of service to others and those you care for, love, and protect. It also rules small pets — that are often our truest companions and friends. This house also encompasses our own health and wellness — Venus will enhance all of the more positive areas of our keeping in good shape. You might find you get a new pet this holiday season, or you may find you are doing the entertaining this year to help out an older relative. Well, no-one can entertain like a Leo — grandeur, luxury, the best of food and drink is succor to you. Just be sure you don’t take on too much, you will want to enjoy yourself, and the triumph of your efforts. This Venus transit will bring much love and appreciation your way for your generous giving spirit.

Virgo on the Ascendant, finds Venus in Capricorn in your fifth house which rules our romance, children, our ability to take chances, and all chancy undertakings — whether playing the stock market, or playing Black Jack in Vegas. Virgo and Capricorn are of like mindedness, both quite staid and definitely rule-keepers. So the adventurous aspects of the fifth house may be moot. However, the Capricorn Venus could bring that special someone into your life, and it is up to you to recognize this gift from the Galaxy! Don’t overlook that “one” because you are analyzing everyone else! Pay attention — and you may be surprised that when this transit of Venus has come to an end — you are ensconced in a meaningful and happy relationship. Also, your social agenda may be too full for you, and you have difficulty choosing which get-together to attend. A surfeit of choices, and a holiday to remember!

Libra on the Ascendant, sends Venus in Capricorn to your fourth house of beginnings, your home, your foundations, and all domesticity. You may be the matriarch of your family, and all look to you to make the holidays the special occasions they are meant to be. For you, Venus in Capricorn will help you in organizing your chores for the holidays. Capricorn will help to give you balance and a sense of just how to go about getting everything coordinated and finished in a timely manner. It will bring family into the fold with loving hearts and minds. Your efforts will be satisfying and beautifully orchestrated to enhance all of your plans for entertaining, gift-giving, and making it all look easy! Your home will be the welcoming beacon of light to all who enter, and you will feel that sense of satisfaction that all of your efforts were appreciated and enjoyed to the fullest.

Scorpio on the Ascendant, has Venus in Capricorn in your third house of short travels, your neighborhood, and siblings, aunts and uncles (or anyone who acts in that capacity) and close friends. You will be inspired to bring joy to all those within your reach, and you may be surprised to find someone who feels strongly about you in a loving way will now speak out! You are intensely private in many ways and Venus in Capricorn doesn’t really open you up to being completely transparent — however, you will find that this year you are much more aware of how much your family and friends matter to you. And now, you will want them to know how deep your feelings of love are. You feel vulnerable when you allow yourself to get in touch with your true self, but those who love you will be more than happy to envelope you in their caring hearts. Allow yourself to feel the loving kindnesses of others, and you will never doubt how much you mean to those you love!

Sagittarius on the Ascendant, will bring Venus in Capricorn into your second house of earned monies, the way you handle your own money, expenditures, and outgo. You might be tempted to overspend during this holiday season on your loved ones — you are always generous to a fault, and this year with the stimulation of Venus — you might be tempted to go over the top! Be aware, and just be as practical as you would if you were a Capricorn! Those with a Sagittarius Ascendant are usually surrounded by friends, well-wishers, and acquaintances aplenty. They are often the heart of a party, orating on any subject, and having just enough knowledge to keep the conversation going. Usually happy-go-lucky, they have a sensitive spirit under their usual bravado. Keep to your budget (not easy for these bighearted and generous folks) — and you won’t be hit with those huge credit card bills next year that astonish you! Rather give of yourself and your many abilities — you will be welcomed by all who truly know you!

Capricorn on the Ascendant, how lucky are you? Having Venus in your first house for this long a transit — will bring you a plethora of love, and kindness over the next few months. This may be the holiday season you will speak of for many years to come — acknowledging that you never knew how many of your friends and family held you in their hearts. Usually perceived as taciturn, and off-putting, this year your sterling qualities will be well heralded throughout your realm. Honors will be bestowed, and you will understand just how much it means to be amidst family and friends that care. Many of your hopes and wishes will be granted during this time-span, and you will be well pleased with how all of your plans turn out. Open your heart and mind to all those you love, and you will receive ten-fold the love returned. Make this year your year — give, and receive all the love and support that will be given so freely. Enjoy this happy moment — you’ve earned it!

Aquarius on the Ascendant, here we find Venus in Capricorn in your twelfth house of self undoing, hidden enemies, hospitals, prisons, and past lives. A heavy, deep and sometimes dark place indeed — however with benefic Venus in residence, there will be light! You might find that you are looking within for answers to your life’s questions — digging deep into your soul to find your pathway. You may have felt lost or confused for some time, and now you are searching for your Bliss! Venus in Capricorn will be of service here for you — open your heart to the happenings that surround you now. Are they of your own making, or have outside forces been responsible? Begin to clear the air — find those who believe in you, and immerse yourself in their reality. You might have to push yourself to enjoy this holiday season, but be assured, that by March of 2014, if you have stuck to your principles and moral structure, when Venus moves into your own first house, you will be renewed and amazed at the journey you have endured. Bask in the glow of your ability to not only survive, but thrive under negative circumstances. Your soul and spirit will be transformed. Your rewards are being prepared as is your spirit — believe in yourself!

Pisces on the Ascendant, will establish Venus in Capricorn in your eleventh house of friend, large animals, and friendly get-togethers. How lovely to think that at this time of year, you will be the recipient of many invitations, and visits. You may hear from long-ago friends that haven’t been in touch for some time. Now — they will seek you out — and want to touch base once again. The holiday season should be one of many parties and venues that will bring your nearest and dearest into your presence — and a swirling eddy of holiday magic will surround you. All will want to be close to your spiritually evolved aura, and you will be pleased to share your other-worldly knowledge with one and all. You feel the need to love and be loved deeply, yet you are sometimes to shy and reserved to open yourself to all who truly care about you. At this special time with Venus shining her light on you and yours, a memorable time is in the making! Luxuriate in the beauty and pleasure that awaits your presence — you will be swathed in love and kindness — know this is what you have earned and is your due!

So we have traversed the Zodiac’s Ascendants — since our charts are not rigid in having exact degrees on the house cusps — you may want to read a bit of the paragraph that precedes or follows your Ascendant sign — there might be a few things there that ring true also. Venus in any sign, is a plus — if we all concentrate on our loving ties, we all would perceive how beautiful our world is — love, be loved, and always love yourself!