An Easy Way to Find Your Ascendant — Reprint

I decided to reprint this post — as I often use the ascendant when explaining transits, and other astrological phenomena. Sometimes it helps to explain where in one’s chart a certain Planet is transiting, and what the expectations are of that particular Planet.


Thought I would take the time to give a few hints about finding the ascendant in your chart…. for those who don’t have a chart and don’t know their ascendant sign…

It is important to know what sign your ascendant is in because it is on the cusp of your first house — and the other signs follow in order… i.e, if Leo is rising (ascendant), then your second house has Virgo on its cusp, and Libra is on the third. If Pisces is rising, then Aries is on the second house cusp and Taurus is on the third.

There are such things as intercepted houses, but you must have your exact birth time and place to get an accurate chart wheel — and there are many sites on the internet that will give them to you for free.

Knowing your ascendant is important also because it is your “face” to the world — no matter your Sun sign… people see you with the veil of your ascendant modifying or sometimes overwhelming other elements in your chart. Many people who have a Watery Sun may find that their potent Fire sign ascendant steams up the way people see them. This is, of course, only one small segment of the overall chart, and only a complete reading of one’s chart will be the most accurate and incisive way to have the most insight into the true persona that will be divulged.

So — how can we get an idea of our ascendant without going through a complete chart analysis? Here is a simple formula — not perfect, but certainly in the ballpark — and when you have figured it out — you can read about that sign that possibly modifies your Sun personality.

At sunrise — the sign on your ascendant is the same as your Sun sign. So if you were born between 6AM and 8 AM — your Sun sign and your rising sign are probably the same… different degrees of the sign, of course, going from zero to 30 degrees. The later you were born the later the degree. Now every two hours the rising sign changes in order (Aries to Pisces) — depending on where you have started. So if you are a Taurus and Taurus is rising between 6 and 8 AM — but you were born at 12:15 PM — then we have to say that your rising sign will probably be in the sign Leo — the rising sign changed every two hours so from 6 to 8 Am it was Taurus — 8 to 10 AM it would have been in Gemini, and 10 to 12 AM it would be in Cancer — at noon it changes into Leo…. this pattern is the same for all of the signs — from sunrise throughout the day the ascendant or rising sign changes to the next sign in order of the Zodiac …

Hope this might be helpful to those who don’t have their charts yet — and always remember if you are reading Sun-sign daily reports, be sure to also read your rising sign, as it may be the more accurate of the two.

Hope you will try this out — and see how it might work for you. Just one more way to take charge of your own life and where you want it to go — every little bit we learn is all to the good.

I wish you all good luck in finding your way to your highest potential throughout this lifetime.