Full Moon in Gemini — December 17, 2013

December’s Full Moon is in the sign Gemini at 25 degrees, and crests at 4:28 AM EST. This is an especially fidgety Full Moon, and may lead to a restless night’s sleep. Also, here in New England, we must be aware of icy conditions that may lead to falls and injuries to the arms and legs. Especially at this wee hour of the morning, sleepy drivers may be putting themselves and others at risk. The Moon goes void of course after this aspect, making things even more confusing and difficult. And to top off this time period, the Planet Uranus begins its forward motion in the sign Aries. A veritable hodgepodge of happenstance! The Moon then moves into the sign Cancer at 1:17 PM EST, bringing some semblance of order once again.

I guess my advice would be to sleep in if you can, and have a lazy morning, and make your plans for the day after your lunch hour! OK — not something most of us can do! Just be aware of your surroundings, and the people who might be out of control — step back and be the observer — and do not engage in any angry outbursts that might be happening. Keep a cool head, and avoid those who would rage mindlessly against the establishment! After the Moon enters Cancer, there is a short period of positive energy expelled, but for most of us, this time period is best spent in catching up with chores, getting to our “To Do” lists, and accomplishing a few necessary goals before the Holiday turmoil descends!

There is lots of activity beginning to happen in the Galaxy, that will keep our energy levels in high gear, and also create an uneasy sense of urgency, that we must rush to accomplish all there is to get done. Moderation is the best course to follow — no sense in using this spurt of energy and then find we have been too precipitous, and it all has to be done once again. Clear your head of trifles, and concentrate on the big picture — make preparations and stick to your plan! I know it’s easy to say and difficult to actually achieve — we all just try to do our best at any given time.

Soon we will have to deal with the angst of Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn closing in on one another, and being bugged by Mars in Libra! A veritable conflagration in Cardinal signs. Digging up all manner of mischief and tomfoolery! Some of the outcomes may be a serious financial burden, or money loses on the home front. Keep an eye on your expenses and check all of your holiday receipts! These powerful forces last until the end of the year, so it behooves us to make sure everything we do is on the moral high-ground.

Don’t allow yourself to be swept along in this wild burst of astral energy. Take some time to immerse yourself in the true meaning of this magical season, feel the joy, breathe in the anticipation — treat yourself to that special dessert, latte, pair of shoes — you deserve a moment to relax and just be in the moment! Remember this should be a time of celebration and happiness — Believe!