Christmas Day — December 25, 2013

At 1:18 AM EST on the 25th of this month the Moon enters the sign Libra — ruled by Venus, this helps to give us balance and beauty throughout the day. However, at 3:33 AM EST there is a volatile opposition between Mars and Uranus, at 8 degrees of Libra and Aries, respectively. If you are out and about at this wee hour of the morning, you must be aware that there could be some perilous events unfolding that you might encounter. Rather than meet the turmoil head-on, take a moment to calm yourself, and assess the situation with an eye to diffusing any angst. If you allow the positive Planetary emanations that are present to help you, the situation can be handled without confrontation. Saturn in Scorpio, and Jupiter in Cancer will help you see the underlying issues, and will help us promote balance and understanding. Immerse yourself in the more positive aspects of this special day, and remember to keep the spirit of this time within your heart!

There will be an edginess to this day for everyone, however, conflict can be avoided with a little diplomacy and respect for all within your household. Mars in Libra, not its favorite placement, will harness a little of the anxiety that could prevail today by keeping a balance and a steadfastness of purpose. Neptune in Pisces, will try her best to keep the spirit and magic of this day on its highest note with the help of Mercury in early Capricorn. If we work with the positive aspects of the Universe, we will be able to traverse the bumps in the road, and turn them into inconsequential trifles rather than making mountains out of mole hills. If we all can maintain our equilibrium emotionally, all will be well. If anyone seems out of sorts, or is having some crisis, try to diffuse their viewpoint, and get them talking about one of their favorite subjects if possible. Although this day is special for so many, it isn’t for all.

Sending loving thoughts to all you meet will help — take the time to sit quietly the day before the holiday, and picture everyone who will enter your realm — envelop them in your love, send them peaceful thoughts, and picture them as happy and content while in your presence. Just a few moments of your time. concentrating on your loved ones individually, will reap great rewards. It is all within your power to create your own peaceable kingdom.

There are often so many hopes and high expectations for this day, that it is difficult to bring these longings to fulfillment for everyone. We all have a history of joy, anticipation and disappointment from holidays past. Many have feelings of sadness for those who are no longer here to celebrate with us. We should all remember that their spirit is with us every time we think of them — their love for us envelops us every day. Love is never lost, only transformed into an aura of affection and devotion that surrounds us always. Where there was love, there is fidelity, protection, and the fulfillment of eternal devotion.

Keeping the true spirit of this day will see us having the most wondrous holiday ever, realize how much everyone you love truly means to you. Remember that your family, your nearest and dearest, your close friends are your reason for being here now in this time span. Your pathway is intricately entwined with those who love you and whom you love. Make your lifetime one of positive acts, realizing your highest potential during your days upon this Earth. We can but try in our humanness to reach for the stars — but when we succeed — how glorious and extraordinary is our journey! Make this year the year of you and yours — immerse yourself in only good, positive and blessed actions. You will be the guiding light of your own existence, and a beacon of hopefulness to all those you encounter along your way. What more can we ask of ourselves than to be loving and loved.

My wish is that everyone have a magical and blessed Christmas Day!