New Years Day — New Moon — January 1, 2014

What an amazing way to start off the New Year — but with a New Moon at 6:15 AM EST in the sign Capricorn at 10/11 degrees! It is as if the slate is being cleaned off, and we begin everything anew. Capricorn being a Cardinal sign is one of the movers and shakers of the Zodiac, but not in an outrageous way, rather in a steady and thoughtful manner. Just a note of interest, this New Moon is conjunct Pluto, so it is even more powerful — and it is within the sphere of a square to Uranus! The beat goes on, when on the 2nd the Sun squares Mars — bringing a surge of fiery energy that could be combustible, so any precipitous actions should be put on the back burner for a few days and thought about with a calm mind. With some forethought, and careful planning we can use this surge of Universal power to enhance our affirmations. Any of our New Year’s resolutions have a better chance of coming to fruition this year with the help of our practical Moon in Capricorn! We can use this pragmatic time-frame to enhance our deepest and most ardent affirmations and wishes. If we dig deep into our psyche, and are sincerely motivated to “see” what it is we not only want but need — we will have the upper-hand in writing out our truest desires, and we can wish for what we actually need. We all have the most wonderful opportunity to renew, refresh and restructure our lives for the better with this Capricorn New Moon.

Especially those whose birthdays are from December 31st to January 3rd, will be in a new lunar cycle that will enhance their chances of creating a new pathway for themselves. But all of us have the chance to influence our own lives with a few well thought out affirmations written within the realm of the New Moon energy that is being expelled during the first days of this New Year! The sign Capricorn, and its ruler Saturn truly want us to stick to a straight and narrow moral pathway — no quick deals, shady actions or underhanded transactions will be honored. Indeed, only the most high-minded and positive covenants will be brought to fruition. Keep your most serious ideals in mind when writing out your wishes this month.

Now to add to the planetary turmoil early this month we will experience feelings of needing to change, ourselves and possibly others. This take charge attitude may not find a home within the hearts of everyone that you may think needs a makeover! Actions taken in haste may end in a difficult situation with hurt feelings on both sides. Perhaps the best thing to do is to look into yourself and see if you can find where you might need an attitude adjustment. Thinking about how best to modify your reactions or “take” on whatever subject you think needs to be amended might be the way to go. Then and only then, if you truly believe that someone else has an issue that needs to be addressed — you might want to lovingly mention the situation in a calm and constructive manner. The idea here is not to push too hard, and not to come across as unsupportive. The desire to change must first come from inside those who want to improve their pathway and lifestyle. We can only provide a loving and safe place to talk, support and encourage those who are willing to commit to improving their lives. We all want to help those we love and care about, but we must be aware that everyone has to decide for themselves just what it is that they want out of this lifetime here on Earth.

With our Capricorn New Moon, our affirmations should include some wishes for a steady and upward movement in our lives, in your profession — wanting to move up in your company or receive a better salary, in your personal life — to become more productive, steady, and patient in your dealings with others, or in general — to find yourself more aware and cognizant of the feelings and needs of those in your realm. For instance, you might want to wish to be noticed for your stalwart work ethics, perhaps you need more responsibility because you feel your talents are being underutilized, or there has been a rift in a relationship you want to repair. Use the magical energy of the New Moon in Capricorn to help put forth your deepest desires into the ether.

The New Year’s Day Capricorn New Moon crests at 6:15 AM EST, so all day long will be advantageous to write out your affirmations, wishes, dreams, and desires. Especially this year with the New Moon on this first day of 2014 — take advantage of the magnificent opportunity to create and structure your own 2014! The magic is in the ether, the opportunity is in your own hands. Be your own best advocate, and reach for the stars!

NOTE: There is a second New Moon this month on the 30th in the sign Aquarius! We will be writing more about this “Blue Moon” in order for you to take advantage of this second opportunity to influence your own and your loved ones future!

May you all feel the Love and caring emanating from the many people who love and believe in you — may you feel the Peace and contentment of knowing you are loved.