Full Moon in Cancer — January 15, 2014

The Full Moon this month crests on January 15th at 11:52 PM EST, at 25 degrees of the sign Cancer. Since the Full Moon is in its ruling sign, this is one of the more powerful Full Moons of the year! The sign Cancer rules all things of a feminine nature, home and family, the breasts and stomach, and the Moon always piques our emotions. Any strife often shows itself in an upset stomach, heartburn, or more seriously as an ulcerous condition. Romantic, sensitive, and accommodating, we often forget that Cancer is a Cardinal sign. Cardinal signs can lie hidden from view, but they are often working behind the scenes to get to their ultimate goal. Overshadowed by the light of the Sun during the day, our Moon folks are usually busy behind the scenes making plans and perfecting their techniques to get just what they feel they deserve. They can be doggedly determined when it comes to helping their family. The extremely motivated Cancer can and will find their niche, much to the surprise of many who thought them no competition at all.

The clash of this Sun and Moon are more apt to place ego against feelings, desires ahead of needs, and this opposing conflict can be rowdy and mean-spirited. During the Full Moon day, the Moon will be conjunct Jupiter (making home seem ideal), square Mars (firing up our ire), oppose Venus (allowing emotions to run riot), and trine Saturn (trying to bring some order to our day)! Tears may flow, feelings may be hurt, and ultimately we will feel wrung out by the end of this time span. If you must be out and about as we near the midnight hour, keep your wits about you, drive defensively, and try to remain calm if any unexpected event should occur.

The Moon goes “void of course” after it crests at 11:52 PM EST, so things should calm down relatively soon — as the Moon travels to reach the sign Leo on the 16th at 8:01 AM EST. Rely on your best instincts, we can only control our own reactions to whatever stressors are out there — use your well-honed diplomatic skills to assuage any anger or upset you encounter. For most of us this Full Moon Day will go by without any drama — keep on an even keel in all of your associations, and you will sail through this worrisome day without impact.

Allow yourself the time to think, deliberate, and plan — do not act hastily and all will go smoothly. The power is in your own hands, mind, and spirit — use all of your abilities to your best advantage. We encounter a Full Moon every month, and somehow we manage to get through them with equanimity most of the time. Be in the moment, don’t borrow trouble, think good thoughts, and remember to include random acts of kindness along your way!


2 comments on “Full Moon in Cancer — January 15, 2014

  1. Mary Lina Kosicki says:

    WOW, Nancy; I am a Cancer with rising sign Cancer…sounds like tomorrow will be a difficult day!! I will try t o watch out”. Thanks Mary-Lina

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