New Moon in Aquarius — January 30, 2014

Our second New Moon of this Month crests at 4:39 PM EST at 10/11 degrees of the sign Aquarius. Often called a Blue Moon, this gives us a second chance to write out our new resolutions, or rewrite some of our older affirmations that haven’t come to fruition yet. Those whose birthdays are near this New Moon will be starting a new lunar cycle whose energy will last for a few months. Aquarius rules a plethora of unconnected areas, including innovation and invention, seeking equality, any and all things of an unexpected nature, friends, occult sciences, aviation, telepathy, and electronics. A veritable grab-bag of goodies! So much of what we use, how we communicate, and what we work with are all now covered by the sign Aquarius and its ruling Planet Uranus! Quirky, unusual, off beat, even weird — all under the umbrella of Aquarius/Uranus energy. Physically Aquarius rules the ankles and calves — whenever we sprain an ankle, or get a cramp in our lower leg — you can bet there is a negative aspect to Uranus or Aquarius going on in our charts. But, it is here with this sign and Planet that we find our originality and élan. Hard working, loyal to a fault, eager to learn, perhaps difficult to get to know, but always interesting and always unique. Many people think of Aquarius as a water sign — not so — Aquarius is an air sign, more intellectually attuned, and being a fixed sign — very difficult to change their opinions, once they have made up their mind. Not that they cannot be swayed with a well-thought out argument, but it must truly have serious and definitive facts and information that is undeniable.

Our Aquarius folks bring us much of the new and highly technical advances we so enjoy today — they are often in the forefront of trying any of the newest gadgets in the field. Quick-minded, alert to nuance, and curious to an extreme, our Aquarius friends are at home in today’s computer friendly world. They cannot understand those who don’t want to get the newest phone, pad, or tablet — they cannot wait for the next generation of technological devices. Alas, many of us aren’t up to the standards of these quick-witted folks, and are just trying to stay as current as possible without changing our electronics every few months. Lively, busy, curious, interactive with men and machine, our Aquarian brethren will always be ahead of the pack in what is new, in style, technologically advanced, innovative and perhaps quirky! Gotta love ’em!

Although not imminent, I thought I would give everyone a heads-up for our next Retrograde Mercury period — Mercury will start its Rx motion at 3 degrees of Pisces on February 6th at 4:46 PM EST, lasting until February 28th at 11 degrees of Aquarius at 9:00 AM EST. Any plans or other important papers that have to be signed would be well served if they were completed before the 6th or are very carefully vetted for any inconsistencies, or errors. Traveling during this time period (for instance going to the Olympic Games in Russia), one will have to remember to be patient, and double-check any reservations or accommodations to be sure all is well. Also be aware and alert for any unusual happenings. Mercury will be in Retrograde mode throughout the Games — there may be some unexpected snags or obstacles encountered — keep positive thoughts, and surround yourself with Heavenly white light — it will work its magic for you.

We sometimes get a “do-over” during a Rx Mercury period — anything that has been delayed or sidetracked has an opportunity to be renewed and possibly put on a firmer foundation. Just the usual caveats for our Rx Mercury period. I find this seems to most inconvenience those with a strong Mercury component in their charts, Mercury as their ruling planet (Gemini and Virgo), or those whose birthdays are within the transit degrees of the Retrograde period. This particular Rx time-span will include 0 to 3 Pisces, and 18 to 29 degrees of Aquarius.

As with all New Moons, our affirmations, dreams, and wishes are best served when in concert with the subjects within Aquarius multi-faceted realm — if you are thinking of starting a new positive routine, or trying to break an onerous habit — make sure you delineate the steps you are willing to make to achieve your goal. Sometimes little steps are better to think about than the whole shebang at once — think in weeks, not months, or perhaps even in days! You also may want to think about asking to draw towards you only those folks who will be a positive influence on you in whatever field or change you are contemplating. Also, try to “see” yourself at the end of your new journey — are you thinner, richer, more compassionate, more loving, less quick to criticize? A mental image of the new you is a powerful aid in helping you to reach your eventual goal. Use all of your intellect and intuition to enhance your chances of a successful outcome.

The New Moon in Aquarius will be on the 30th at 4:39 PM EST — the evening hours of the 30th, and the daytime hours on the 31st will be the best times to write out your affirmations and wishes. Be creative in your thinking, dig into your deepest recesses to “feel” just what it is you truly want and/or need at this time. Believe in the power of your innate being to be able to use the Universal energies to help you achieve your best self, and find your most steadfast pathway in this lifetime here on Earth. The magic is within, the energy is without — blend the two and you are on your way to a positive and productive outcome — Believe!


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