New Moon Reminder — January 30, 2014

Knowing how busy and frenetic life is today, I like to remind every one of the opportunity to enhance and influence their own lives in a simple and personal manner. On the New Moon day, the energies of the Universe are putting out a mystical force that we can use for our own intentions. I believe that our thoughts have substance and power when we write them down with a thoughtful and concise approach. By writing them out, and thinking of them as we write them, we allow them to enter into the ether, where they can take hold, and become a wave of positive action.

Why not try to help yourself in this straightforward way — nothing ventured, nothing gained. You have nothing to lose by trying this easy course of action. Our minds, hearts, and souls are connected to each other and the Universal harmony that exists. The magic is there for us to use in whatever manner we choose — use all of your resources to improve your life and the lives of those your love in a positive, optimistic and constructive way. The options are as varied as your imagination and desires.

Sit in a quiet place, take a few moments to think about what would make your life better and more fulfilling, and write out in simple but clear terms just what would serve you and your loved ones best. No frills, just picture yourself in a more compatible life-style. There is nothing to lose when using the natural energy of your own Galaxy for your own benefit and the benefit of others. Bring optimism and happy thoughts into your realm — make the choice to be a positive and helpful entity to everyone you meet along your way.

You can be the shining light of hope and love — write out your affirmations, wishes and dreams in the evening hours of the 30th, and the daytime hours of the 31st — you are the magical force in your own life — live it well…. Peace!


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