Retrograde Mercury — February 6th – 28th, 2014

Once again we have the Planet Mercury going into Retrograde mode on the 6th of February at 4:45 PM EST in the sign Pisces at 3 degrees. Conjunct Neptune there will be some fuzzy ongoing that will be confusing and perhaps a bit on the mystical side, and we may have heightened dream states. This is a time period when we must be aware of all the details and nuances, that are surrounding us during this Mercury transit. When Mercury appears to be moving backwards in the Heavens, there is a definite disconnect here on Earth with what is usually normal everyday living. Also, the opposite signs that might be affected are Virgo and Leo respectively — sometimes one with the Sun/Moon or a Planet opposite the Retrograde degrees will find they have some kind of issue in one of the areas ruled by these signs.

Suddenly — roadblocks, difficulties and breakdowns are the norm, and we must be ready to adjust our schedules, plans and course of action in a moments notice. This phenomenon is often more onerous to those with a strong Mercury presence in their charts, being a Gemini or Virgo, having Mercury conjunct your personal planets, and/or encountering transits that bring this Rx Mercury period onto one of the sensitive points in your chart. Starting in Pisces, the 6th to the 12th, all the Water signs will be in flux for a few days, however — Mercury quickly moves into late Aquarius and then the Air signs have their turn at disorder and unexpected happenings.

We must remember that we all have Pisces and Aquarius in our charts — and it is these areas that will be most impacted by this Rx movement. But especially those Pisces whose birthdates are between February 18th and the 22nd, and Aquarians whose birthdays encompass January 30/31 to February 16th to 19th! This cusp transit will overlap both signs during its Rx time period.

We all should realize that Retrograde Mercury affects our communications, our transportation, our electronics, our daily chores, and any travel that is planned and/or legal documents or contracts that might have to be carried out during these days. Computers, phones, car issues, and in the sign Pisces there may be issues with oil, chemical spills, and drugs at risk — with Aquarius in the picture we must watch out for problems in the aviation field, and all of our beloved electronics — the more complex — the more chance of them breaking down. However — we all are not going to experience difficulties in all of these fields. Our duty is just to be aware that some concerns may be raised in these arenas. Being forewarned is being forearmed. Use your common-sense to provide a levelheaded way to get through these days. We have been through them before, and we have at least three Mercury Retrograde periods a year to traverse. We muddle through — and although some of these Rx times are frustrating and exasperating, the time span is only a few weeks, and our being cognizant of this aspect will help us prepare and organize any issues that we feel will arise.

Whilst Mercury is in the sign Pisces we will feel the need to get closer to our loved ones, we will want to connect with them on an ethereal and heartfelt level. When Mercury moves into late Aquarius, we will be more in tune with the whole of mankind, insofar as we will be more understanding of the fact that everyone is facing some kind of difficulty — and if we can help smooth their journey in some small way, like a pebble thrown into a pond — that small kindness will spread out and touch the lives of so many others.

This seems to be a longer period for a Rx Mercury because it encompasses almost the whole month of February! We can look forward to March which will feature two New Moons — our chances doubled to influence our lives and the lives of those we love, by writing out our fondest wishes, dreams, and affirmations. Family and close friends are the foundation of our lives here on Earth — we are not here with our loved ones by accident! It is our karma to be with those who are dearest to us, in order for us to move forward in our evolution to become our best selves. Look at your relationships with family and friends alike — are you and they learning the important and meaningful lessons of this lifetime? Remember during these Rx Mercury periods, we often get a do-over in our journey — repair old injuries, communicate your fears, profess your unconditional love for one another. Do what is needed to keep yourself on your highest karmic pathway to your most evolved persona. We learn, we grow, we teach, we laugh, we weep — we love! How lucky are we — how must we show our thankfulness — we must show our love!


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