Venus Through the Signs — March 5th to December 31, 2014

Venus has left her long stay in Capricorn, and moved on to the sign Aquarius — our Venus in Aquarius has a very different appearance than she did in staid and practical Capricorn — Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, will subtly change our loving Venus into a quirky, artistic, free-thinker — she will wear flowers in her hair and bedeck herself with flowing scarfs and electric colors. No shrinking violet here, she is who she is, and she likes who she is! Loving, giving, sharing, a bit wary when choosing friends, she accepts all of mankind with whatever flaws — and befriends all those, who like herself, believe in mankind’s goodness and creativity. She embraces the world, but may have trouble finding the “one”! Very particular in many ways, fixed in her opinions, she isn’t easily swayed into any sketchy schemes. Wise beyond her years, with the knowledge she has garnered from the Universe, Venus in Aquarius is our forever Flower-child, our Nature Goddess, and our conscience for treating each other and the Earth with respect and dignity.

So whilst loving Venus is in the sign Aquarius we will find ourselves a bit more choosy as to whom we allow to influence our emotions. This is a good time to get in touch with friends who you haven’t seen for a while, contact family and catch them up on what’s happening in your life, and maybe make plans for a get together to welcome Spring! Earthy and wise, Venus in Aquarius will be on the forefront of helping to keep the natural beauty of the Earth in tact, and will find ways to encourage all of us to be more aware of the impact we all have while we are here. Our fun friends, our outrageous pals, our loving buddies — this is Venus in Aquarius, a spirit for all seasons, and a soul with compassion and love.

HINT: Find your love in a book store, coffee-house, thrift shop, psychic fair, foreign movie, charity ball, or helping out at an animal shelter .

On April 5th Venus will be moving on to the sign Pisces — this is Venus comfort zone, she is ethereal, mystical, and glows with the radiance of all loving ideas and inspirations. Raised above the mundane in Pisces, she revels in her realm of creativity, fantasy and make-believe! Meeting up with Neptune on the 11th we will feel a surge of inspiring energy and we are wearing our rose-colored glasses — remember this is a quick kiss on the cheek to Neptune — not a lengthy romantic episode! Enjoy the moment of love and sweetness that surround you — but don’t fantasize too long — the next day we return to the real world. There are moments this month when you might be totally besotted with love, but for most we will be benefitted by the passage of Venus in Pisces with magical ideas, instinctive and impulsive thoughts and dream-states, look to your own chart and find where Pisces lives — there will be your sweet reward! Find the creative corner of your mind — and expand your world with beauty and artistry.

HINT: Find your love at a museum or art show, sci-fi movie or chick flick, ethnic restaurant, shoe store, near the ocean, or at the aquarium.

On May 2nd Lady Venus enters dynamic Aries — not her favorite abode, yet it gives her that boost of energy that only a fire sign can engender. Precipitous and a bit impractical, Venus is a bit tipsy here with passion flowing through her veins — there could be some upsetting and angry words expressed mid-month, and feelings hurt with unkindness taking reign! Bite your tongue if you are about to hurl a volley of expletives and hostile verbiage onto a friend or loved one. Take a moment and try to see the damage you may be causing — and just step away — later in the month will be a time to talk things over in a calm and composed manner. Think first — talk much later! Just be aware that although your passions may run deeply — there is a time and place for all of your issues with a loved one to be aired. Still, if you are influenced in a positive way with Venus in Aries, you can take your romance to the next level during this transit. Be especially circumspect in a business setting — do not let your fervor displace your common-sense! Use the energy of this duo with appropriate respect, and you might find yourself with a true love, a better job, or a boost in your popularity! Stay on the positive side of Venus in Aries and the world is your Valentine!

HINT: Find your love at a sporting event, the gym, hiking trail, at a construction sight, at a Thai restaurant, rock concert, or on a jogging path.

June brings Venus into the sign Taurus — how sweet it is! This is home territory for Venus — swathed in chocolate, and fuzzy with all of the warm sex-appeal engendered by Taurus love of the good life. Lazy, tactile, needing the closeness of loved ones, Venus is radiant in her lavish abode. Sending steamy vibes to all she encounters — bringing emotions to the fore, allowing all of us to imagine how sexy and appealing we are in our mind’s eye. This is a lovely placement for a warm Summer day — lolling about, living the good life of our imaginations. However, the caveat here is that we might get all too comfortable with Venus in Taurus, and just fritter away our days without actually making any progress. Enjoy the occasional indulgence, but don’t wallow in the complete sugary fog of fantasy! You can find a loving tie with this dynamic couple — but the groundwork must be firm, and the practicalities of life remembered. Alas these long lazy days of warmth are short, as Lady Venus moves quickly and on the 23rd and enters the sign Gemini. A wake-up call of sorts after the loving embrace of Taurus’ adoring and amorous touch. Get in touch with your inner homebody while Venus resides in Taurus, and you will radiate those vibes that will attract just the right partner for true love. Enjoy this heady combination of Venus in Taurus, while maintaining your steady and forward pathway.

HINT: Find your love at the bakery, ice cream shop, a candy store, your bank, barber shop, luxury clothiers or at the country club.

Venus in Gemini is playful, flirtatious, and young-at-heart! From the 23rd of June, to the 18th of July we will be under the spell of our sprightly Venus — engaging and willing to go out on a limb for love! We must capture this fleeting transit of Gemini quickly as Venus has picked up speed and is moving forward with alacrity. In the sign Gemini, we will enjoy the occasional flirtations we encounter daily, the coffee server who always gives us an extra dash of cream — the doorman who never fails to tell us how nice we look, the young stud at the office who singles every gal out for his amorous ogling during the day. All superficial and a bit juvenile, still — how we love that attention that makes us feel special and attractive! As long as it remains all in good fun — and no-ones feelings get hurt — all will move along as it should. Perhaps this is a good time for a sweet vacation — a time to allow your inner child to come out to play. Give yourself permission to act silly, loll by a lake, take a leisurely hike, just have some fun — Venus in Gemini will help us treasure our precious time with loving ties, and will revive that feeling we first had when we met that special someone! Accept any invitations to parties, or gatherings where your perky and upbeat persona will sparkle and attract all those who enjoy your mental acuity, and your playful manner. Spirited, joyful and smart — move with the joie de vivre of this time span of Venus in Gemini, and you may have the time of your life.

HINT: Find your love at college, the phone store, in the library, the post office, theater, hobby shop, natural food store, art show, or especially at the book store.

On July 18th our matriarchal Venus will enter the sign Cancer staying until the 12th of August, when she moves on to the sign Leo. However when in Cancer, Venus is a little more sensitive, perhaps moody and definitely in Mother mode! Loving, warm, protective and maybe a teensy bit smothering — she encompasses everyone with a big motherly hug! Venus in Cancer is all things feminine, fruitful and nascent. So much potential and yet — not the easiest placement for Lady Venus — here there is too much of everything considered feminine — emotion, love, sensitivity, caring, needing to be of service, willingness to sacrifice, and empathy that is overwhelming. There is an emptiness that seemingly cannot be filled — not enough kindness, empathy, caring or love can be poured into this vessel to fill it up completely. Still — how we love, love, love our Mothers — our guides, caretakers, teachers, friends, and the one always there for us. We may have issues with Venus in Cancer that only time can clarify. Now might be the time for a waterside vacation — an indulgent and caring kind of place — where we are taken care of, pampered and cherished. With Venus in Cancer we must be careful not to overdo any luxury — or sudden relationship — Cancer is usually not quick to make decisions — but with Venus they can be swayed by an instantaneous connection that seems ideal. Also, children can be a part of this duo’s makeup — family, friends, service to others, and home are their reason for being. Emotional bonds are forever ties, ever ready to serve — our Venus in Cancer folks are always there for us through thick or thin with their love.

HINT: Find your love at a friend’s house, through your Mother, near water or a water park, while babysitting, at a wedding shower, a family reunion, a birthday party, or on a short trip.

Moving quickly into the sign Leo on August 12th, Venus changes her persona completely — now the fashion-plate, the elegant diva, the dramatic cover girl, the trophy wife, the movie star, but also the CEO, doctor, politician, and public persona world-wide. Still — devoted to her family (especially children), she has her own life to live as she sees fit. Always standing out in a crowd, and knows how to work with one too. Passionate, resolute, and a no-nonsense façade. This Lady know who she is and where she wants to go — energy crackling around her as she strides confidently into her future. She can overpower those meeker souls who are intimidated by her aura! Loving, giving — always generous to a fault we can count on Venus in Leo to be the star of the show! With this aspect we want to find our own idea of elegance, of the good life, and we want to share all of it with our loved ones. Not so much an inflated ego here, because there is a very sensitive soul living within. Wanting to be loved for themselves, not what they have or how high they have climbed on the social scale — they are aware that love is the epitome of our lives, love is all. They need to be loved and they need to love. Find your elegance and style while Venus is engaged in Leo — get that new hairdo, refresh your wardrobe, add zest and color to your palette — try the new fashion in statement necklaces and chunky bracelets. Go for the gold — and you will glitter with the glow of Leo’s élan!

HINT: Find your love in the theatre, working for your favorite politician, jewelry store, elegant restaurant, steak house, fashion show, country club fest, charity ball, or while attending a gala.

On September 5th Venus enters the sign Virgo — again an abrupt about face in personality and élan. More practical, earthy and sensible, our Lady Virgo is the teacher, mentor, health professional, vegetarian, and counselor. Less flashy than her Leo neighbor — she flourishes in the natural order of nature. A perfectionist within her own realm, she expects nothing less from others which may cause dismay. Sometimes too analytical and frustrated by time-wasters, she can get cranky. Still, where would we be without those who insist we keep our appointments on time, have a clean and pure living area, and teach us not to ruin our bodies with junk food. Concerned with the environment, and how to live a more concerned lifestyle both for health and well-being, our Virgo Venus is usually at the top of any volunteer movement to help clean up their locale. Fussy, neat, and organized — we all need to emulate the sign Virgo to keep up with the best habits for living a worthy life. Love is serious for Virgo folks, they believe in a life-long commitment and will stand by their mate through thick and thin. Almost never brash or spontaneous, but a steady, and loyal helpmate.

HINT: Find your love in a health-food store, a yoga or Pilates class, volunteering, having high-tea, reading to toddlers at the library, at a town meeting, or at the Doctor’s office.

September 29th brings Lady Venus into one of her home signs Libra — ruling marriage, beauty, the arts, love, flowers, beauticians, and drama! Venus is at home here, comfortable in her finery, and her beautifully decorated surroundings. Here she reigns with supreme authority, wafting her aura of love and whimsy throughout her time here. On the 17th to the 20th she encounters both Mercury and Mars — a heady combination for love, marriage, or perhaps just a romantic flirtation that proves to be much more. However, these aspects move quickly, and unless your own chart supports some of these encounters they may be fleeting! Still, we can enjoy the moment. This might be a good time for that new hair color, cut or style, a weekend getaway at a spa, or an overnight in the city to see a play, musical, or art museum with a special exhibit! The only caveat here is to keep your balance — no going out on a limb in a precipitous manner. That isn’t Libra’s style — more a slow and sensual dance enticing the object of your love to come closer. There is romance in the air!

HINT: Find your love at a flower shop or show, at a play or musical, in the beauty shop, at Whole Foods, at an art museum, shopping for the latest fashions, law office, or at a wedding.

When the Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd of October, so does our Lady Venus, and on the 27th she trines Neptune with an appropriately effervescent splash! Although Scorpio is a bit too strong for her delicate senses, in good aspect to Neptune she becomes the mystical embodiment of love, passion, and adoration. Let’s remember that Neptune can bring a misty and elusive miasma over one’s clear vision. What seems perfection, can just be an illusion that will soon dissipate into the ether. Although, if there is enough compatibility to be worked with, this combination can sizzle with the exhilaration of the chase and capture! There will be the urge to move quickly because Lady Venus moves on to the sign Sagittarius on November 16th — not leaving a lot of time to woo and win whilst Venus resides in the intense, mysterious and overwhelming sign Scorpio. Enjoy the prickle of energy that traverses your entire body with the ardor of Venus in Scorpio, but keep your mind clear of this heady combination. Sexy, sensual and emitting an aura of beauty and love, you will garner the attention of all those who vibrate to this mystical duo. Intense and steamy, don’t get too near until you have determined the validity and honesty of those you are attracted to — this is an exciting and powerful combination, not to be trifled with. Be in the moment!

HINT: Find your love in an occult bookstore, in a darkened coffee-house, at a film noir, a horror film, on the subway, at a psychic reading, at a tapas bar, or on a luxury cruise.

As Venus enters Sagittarius on the 16th of November her persona becomes cheerful and sprightly, although not her favorite abode, Sagittarius is all about playfulness and good humor, good food, and good friends. Positive aspects to both Uranus and Jupiter will bring a bevy of good times your way. Having reign over the law, religion, higher education and all manner of sports enthusiasm — there are going to be invitations for you to attend many gatherings until the end of the year. Take advantage of Venus lively outlook here and get to meet as many people as you can — the “one” may be amongst them. Keep busy and don’t think too much about looking, as with Uranus in the mix — it is just as probable that a chance encounter will be magical. Take a weekend jaunt to a ski-slope, meet up with a friend at a nearby college, go to a football game in your home town. Smile — that always attracts attention of a positive sort. Keep a song in your heart and a lilt in your step — and you will appeal to those who have the same demeanor. Use this Venus in Sagittarius span to increase your circle of friends, connect with family, and get out and about outdoors. Breathe in the giddy joyfulness of Venus at her playful best.

HINT: Find your love at a sporting event, a car show, a western movie, a local tavern, a walk in the park, an auction, or an all-you-can-eat buffet.

December 10th finds Lady Venus in Capricorn, completing the year here and helping to make our holidays with family and friends a comfort and joy! Venus encounter Neptune midmonth in a pleasant way, giving us a moment to reflect and remember our love and loved ones, and the special days that are approaching. Avoid being hasty on the last few days before the Christmas holiday, in spending and/or expressing yourself with ire. We will be under the stern but steadfast Venus in Capricorn and should find a way to use the loyal and loving vibrations from this duo to enhance our family times. Before the end of the year Venus meets up with Jupiter in a mildly positive aspect that can help us to enter the New Year with the desire to make things better for one and all. We are all a part of the human-race and we all must keep our highest ideals and morals foremost in our hearts and minds. We are an evolutionary miracle — unique and fascinating in our diversity. With the help of Lady Venus throughout the year, we can better ourselves, learn how to help others, and discover the true lessons of unconditional love.

HINT: Find your love at church, in an arboretum or nursery, at a consignment shop, at your CPA’s, your favorite diner, a sale on anything, or on a walking tour of historical places.

A busy year for our Lady Venus — having to traverse all of the signs of the Zodiac within these twelve months — she is up to the task, whether at home in the sign, or challenged by it — she works her magic and makes them hers. Venus is our love, our need to care for our loved ones and the ability to see the beauty of nature and all of our surroundings. She emits good feelings and kindly words, she tells us we are lovable, she allows us to be all too human, and still she sees our comeliness. Our sweet, caring, adoring Venus allows all of us to be better than we are — she enables us to be our best selves in caring for, sacrificing for, and loving others. How lucky are we to have our beautiful Goddess of Love, Venus — guiding our pathway, not only throughout the year, but throughout our lives. Peace!


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