Full Moon – Valentine’s Day – February 14, 2014

Valentine’s Day 2014 is sure to be full of energy and liveliness this year because it is also the day of the Full Moon in Leo! The Full Moon crests at 6:54 PM EST at 26 degrees of the sign. Leo rules the 5th house of the natural zodiac and this house relates to love connections, pleasure, taking chances, and opting to be open to the vibrations of others. This can be an exciting day for those planning some time with their loved one. There will be an aura of fiery passion and exhilarating connections. Leo believes in grand gestures for their loved ones, and can go over the top in their zeal to impress! We must remember we are still under a Retrograde Mercury aura, and things can go awry! So any major display may have a few glitches. Keep your plans simple and double check any reservations for a romantic dinner (not once, but twice).

Following the Full Moon, are two pleasant aspects to Mars, the Moon sextiles Mars which will engage some warm emotions and allow loving feelings to flow, and then the Sun trines Mars — keeping the romantic aura in place for loving conversations. These are quick moving aspects and the energy from the Full Moon in Leo is still apparent, and some egos may be bruised. Allow yourself to rise above any petty or hurt feelings and tap into the deeper meaning of what love truly means to you. Go with the flow and make sure you are open to what is being offered and said — listen with your heart and spirit! Surround yourself and your loved ones in the white light of loving kindness, capture the elixir of love’s truest essence, and your spirit will find the purest path.

The usual caveats about a Full Moon Day are still in place — be a defensive driver, avoid angry or upset folks, enwrap yourself in a protective aura and use common sense in all of your dealings during the day. This can be an exciting and loving Valentine’s Day for one and all, just by being yourself and emitting an atmosphere of kindness and acceptance to all you meet. Open your heart and mind to the beauty in everyone. Love can change the hardest heart, strengthen the meekest soul, and bring magic and mystery into your life. How beautiful to always be open to adventure, beauty, nature and the loving vibrations of the Universe. This harmony can be yours for the asking — love, be loved, and your spirit will soar to its highest realm. You can reign supreme in Love!


One comment on “Full Moon – Valentine’s Day – February 14, 2014

  1. Kathryn says:

    Thanks for this!

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