Not Really Like Your Sun Sign Description? The Decanates May Explain Why! Part One — (Reprint July 2, 2015)

I have heard many folks mention that the usual explanation of their Sun Signs doesn’t fit them. There are a multitude of reasons why this may occur. If your Sun is aligned, conjunct, or opposite a major Planet, it will have some influence in the way your Sun is expressed. Also — the Moon’s position will modify your emotional responses despite your Sun — and if you are a water sign with a fire sign ascendant your self-expression may fizzle in a steamy vapor. So many possibilities that can shape our outlook and modify our Natal Sun — to be one-dimensional is not our karma. Only a complete reading of your natal chart can give you all the answers — but this one simple example might help to explain your disconnect with what is considered usual for your Sun’s profile — these are the Decanates — a subtle but interesting slant on each ten degrees of the thirty degrees in each sign.

Every ten degrees of a sign is influenced by the next like element (i.e., Fire, Water, Earth or Air) of that sign — for instance: Aries — Those born within the first ten degrees will be a double Aries — and will epitomize the most common traits of that sign — courageous, bold, acts before thinking, passionate, and very much the Alpha Fire Sign! Those born within the next ten degrees will be more influenced by the second of the Fire signs Leo, still bold and commands attention, a bit more ego but with a prideful nature that needs coddling, being criticized is anathema to them, they are generous, loving, and regal. These Aries will feel some entitlement to enjoy the good life. Our next group, born within the last ten degrees will be of a more easy-going nature being influenced by Sagittarius — still energetic, playful, doesn’t take themselves too seriously, inclined towards athleticism, less intense, and almost always smiling! One might say these all cannot be Aries personas — yet they absolutely are all of the same ilk. They will share more or less of the Aries similarities — but so much is modified by the natal chart — and the Moon’s influence, and other Planetary positions. Still — just knowing that each 10 degrees of the sign have a definite Fire, Water, Earth or Air profile will tell us a lot about their differing natures.

So it goes with the Earth sign Taurus — the first ten degrees of Taurus are a double Taurus — staid, steady, salt-of-the-Earth personas, very determined and perhaps bossy, hard to change their opinions, needs routine and predictable schedules to be truly happy. They enjoy the good things in life and their home will be their castle. The next 10 degrees will be influenced by Virgo — what a difference a day makes! Here we have the predictable Taurus who has a persnickety persona, and is the most resolute and dogged in their positions, also fussy and a bit critical. Almost always believes they are right (and they often are) — these folks are ultra-determined (perhaps stubborn) but with panache. They have a subtle sex-appeal, and their mantra might be “a place for everything and everything in its place”. Those born in the following 10 degrees are the Taurus/Capricorn blend — these two can work in concert, both being goal-oriented and willing to work hard to get to their objective. Still the Capricorn influence has less need for the good life, that the lethargic double Taurus embodies, with Capricorn there is more motivation and practicality indeed. Truly strong-willed and keeping their eye on the prize, our Taurus/Capricorn blend will succeed — no matter the difficulties faced — they will persevere, and be stronger and smarter for the problems they encounter, they will endure.

Our Air sign Gemini individuals are supremely adaptable, so it follows that our double Gemini of the first ten degrees will not only be easily led, but often led astray! Difficult to focus because of their ever busy minds, they are simply wide open to all that is happening around them, and cannot focus on just one thing. These Gemini must be trained early on to learn to calm their minds and concentrate on the job at hand. On the positive side, their imaginations are rife with all that is new and forward thinking, they are amazingly artistic and clever. These traits must, however, be reined in to be of use in the real world. Focus is the job to be undertaken here, and all of the innovative and unique thinking will then be able to be channeled into positive and substantial ventures. The next 10 degrees will find our Gemini paired with Libra — this can be an amazing combination of artistry, beauty, and innovation. Still, our Gemini must learn balance and scheduling. They will be happier if they can keep some kind of daily timetable to help them stay on course, and they need to have their own space to store all of their things. Just a few simple changes will have them more focused and aware. Our last 10 degrees of the sign meet up with Aquarius — with these Gemini we will find a quirky sense of humor, and an openness to experiences of all kinds. A bit more “fixed” in their ways than the others — they will be happiest when their creativity is allowed to be developed in the early years. These folks are a tad wary of letting just anyone into their realm — but are willing to get to know people in depth. Clever, innovative and personable, they will amaze all who know them, and given free-rein will explore all facets of what life is truly all about.

Now our Water sign Cancer folks follow this same scheme — the first 10 degrees are a double Cancer — embodying those traits we always hear about — sensitive, caring, empathetic — a bit needy, a homebody, and almost always concerned with their families. These are vulnerable individuals who must learn to use their hard outer shell to blunt any hurtful or negative actions on the part of others. They might hold resentment too long, and must learn to let go of these distressing feelings in order to move ahead. The second 10 degrees will be influenced by the sign Scorpio — a much more intense and potent combination indeed. These Cancer folks are not to be trifled with, they have a strong sense of self, and will not endure any criticism without answering in kind. Perhaps having unusual or pensive eyes, they seek the truth, and will dig out any deceit in others. Deep thinkers, and avid about their kin, they will sacrifice to make sure their family is always well-cared for. Next are our Cancer/Pisces fellows, combining sensitivity with a bit of psychic ability — perhaps not even realized, but these are intuitive people who “see” into the depths of others. Artistic, often musical, caring and less concerned with what others think, because they are sure of their place in the Universe, and realize the fragility of life. A bit more dreamy and ethereal — they will embrace their loved ones with ardor, acceptance, and approval.

Our Fiery Leo brethren for the first 10 degrees is a double Leo, here we have the truly “royal” leaders of the community, certainly the true “King” of the jungle! Noticed when they enter a room, commanding in their sense of self, a force to be reckoned with indeed. Still, deep down a sensitivity that is easily bruised, and needing a constant flow of approval from without. Although you will never see that element from the outside. Loving, giving, and full of a showy confidence — they will be heard — and not ignored. Often overstepping the boundaries of we ordinary folks, they often do rule. The second decanate brings the Leo/Sagittarius blend, now our Leo is less the royal and more the playboy (or girl) — wanting to enjoy every minute of their life, they seek adventure, and will embellish their ability in the brain and brawn department. However, their jolly nature and winning smile will win over many admirers — and they are usually surrounded by a bevy of friends. The third in this series, matches Leo with Aries — can we say incendiary? This is a dynamic duo full of Fiery energy and eagerness to live life to the fullest. Their persona is overwhelming to some, and often a little beyond-the-pale to others. Quick witted, ardent, bright and spontaneous, sometimes unthinking in criticism, and always up for the latest and greatest of challenges. Our Leo/Aries folks are the movers and shakers of society, and they relish their celebrity and renown.

Earthy Virgo is the next in line, and a double Virgo is sure to impress — organized, unruffled, and often a teacher or mentor. They dislike the unruly, the disorganized and those who just don’t “get” it. They are often quite opinionated and are willing to stand by their beliefs. Perhaps the least flexible of the Mutable signs, our early Virgo individuals are fussy, critical, and brutally honest. However, they are often right on the money in their outlook. (And be sure to be on time if you have a meeting with them) The next 10 degrees finds Virgo teaming up with Capricorn — this is a compatible combination, both striving for perfection in their own way. Practical, honest, and down to Earth, this team will persevere through thick and thin. Perhaps a bit old-fashioned, enjoying the politeness of the past, and honoring the virtues of the golden rule. These folks will be careful, plan ahead, and will ultimately reach all of their lofty goals. The last decanate brings us a Virgo/Taurus blend — a talkative combo that will stick to their plans no matter what goes on in their life. A bit bombastic in speech at times, and determined to be heard on whatever subject they feel comfortable in expounding upon. A tendency to be bullish and more likely than the other Virgo melds to gain weight. These are sturdy and wholesome folks who enjoy convincing others that their way is the best way to go — and enjoy holding court at the dinner table. This group truly enjoys the sweet things in life, and will go to great lengths to bring them into their realm.

We will end with these first six signs of the Zodiac — and will shortly post the second half. These are just thumbnail sketches of the many variables that can influence your Sun sign. The complexities of a chart are almost limitless. This article explains one way you may feel a disconnect between the usual “traits” of the Sun on its own. We humans are multi-faceted, and there just isn’t one complete way to explain the various distinctions between those born under the same Sun sign. Even twins born on the same day can have subtle shadings within the time-span in which they arrived. This is only one tool in a huge coffer of possibilities. Enjoy with a grain of salt!


2 comments on “Not Really Like Your Sun Sign Description? The Decanates May Explain Why! Part One — (Reprint July 2, 2015)

  1. Ari Elle says:

    Wow you have given me much to think about. As I am aware of the influence of the decanates, your interpretation very much stimulates some create thought in me. Thank you Nancy. I am new to your blog so I look forward to more new insights.

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