Not Really Like Your Sun Sign Description? The Decanates May Explain Why! Part Two

So we continue on our journey through the Decanates of the last six Zodiac signs — beginning with Air Sign Libra — as stated in Part One, the first 10 days of the sign are a Double Libra — these individuals will exude the beauty, artistry and sensitivity of the early Libra degrees. Still as a Cardinal sign they have a lot of back-bone and are not shrinking violets. Loving, dramatic, needing balance and steadfastness in their life, they often find difficulty in choosing between several options. It’s just that they see both sides of a situation, and see the positives and negatives with some clarity — so selecting one over another is an onus. Even picking one pair of shoes over another becomes a task — they often opt for both! Next in our Decantate countdown is the second 10 degrees of the Sign Libra, now influenced by the Air Sign Aquarius — definitely a decided difference in outlook, these folks love the more dramatic side of Libra, are open to more spontaneous actions, and think outside the box. More likely to be fixed in their opinions, once their mind is made up, it would be hard to change. They look for the unique and unusual in their surroundings, and will make their home as individualistic as they themselves are. The last 10 degrees of Libra are altered by the Air Sign Gemini — there is a lot of mental activity going on, and our Libra is often overwhelmed by any decision to be made. With Gemini’s sway there can be chaos! Unless this Libra is taught at a young age to focus and to separate the wheat from the chaff, they will have difficulty throughout their lifetime. Too much of their attention is used up in noticing everything surrounding them. They must learn to settle their minds, and be able to focus on the task at hand. Being a Cardinal Sign helps them once they recognize their busy minds will need to be controlled. When any of the Libra combinations “gets it” they will move forward with their agenda and succeed.

Our Water Sign Scorpio brethren are already a force to be reckoned with, so it goes, a double Scorpio will be that much more determined and motivated to have their way. These individuals can reach the highest and the lowest of mankind’s abilities. A high-functioning early Scorpio will embrace their power with the knowledge that they must use it in a positive manner, those using this strength for ill, will find themselves drawing so much negativity towards them that their life will be a Karmic burden. It behooves this group to keep to their highest ideals and most ethical behavior. Still they have a kind of steamy sex-appeal that draws many into their realm. They can be a major force for everything good if they have the fortitude and vision to appreciate their talent. The second Decanate brings us those influenced by the Water Sign Pisces — here we have the true visionaries and psychics of the Zodiac. Often possessing an acute intuition, and ESP, they “know” innately how people are thinking and what they are up to! No pulling the wool over these piercing eyes — they have a handle on what makes people tick, and they can be wonderful counselors and mentors. On another side, they can become so involved in the ethereal world they lose sight of their life in this moment. So superior in many ways, they can lose their way with negative influences — their strength of character will be their saving grace. The last 10 degrees will be shaped by the Water Sign Cancer, the Scorpio intensity will be somewhat alleviated by Cancer’s need for approval and appreciation. A bit needier than most Scorpios, and certainly more family oriented — these folks will have an almost all-consuming need to be involved in every nuance of their family’s life. They want to protect, cherish and shelter their loved ones more than most. They live to be of service to their loved ones and will go to any lengths to make their lives easier. Loving, a tad obsessive, but only wanting good things — they are the ultimate helicopter parents of today!

Next we encounter the Fire Sign Sagittarius — and a double Sagittarius is double the fun! Whimsical, energetic, driven, and ultimately over-the-top in whatever and wherever their proclivities lead them. They find it hard to sit quietly, are almost always on the move, and get frustrated easily when they can’t get to do what they feel is needed. They sometimes let fate determine their agenda, but are always up for an adventure. Mutable, and needing busyness, they are constantly moving from one project to the next. Of course, this means they sometimes lose focus and all of their energy doesn’t add up to accomplishment. But, when this double Sag can “get it together” — they are pulsating with vibrancy, and no-one can match their enthusiasm and élan! The second Decanate brings our busy Sag together with Aries, now we have the bold athletic and driven individual, usually with a zeal for some definite goal. More focused and more driven they will determine their own future — don’t get in the way of this dynamic-duo! They will bowl you over in their enthusiasm to get to their objective. All with a friendly and puppy-like joy, they just don’t stop loving life, living every day to the fullest, and squeezing all of the positive essence from every aspect and emotion mankind can experience. Next we encounter our Sagittarius/Leo combination, now our Sag is more aware of his place in society, and understands the rules that he/she must follow to be accepted into the loftier realms of human-kind. However, there is a quirky side to this combo that loves to flummox we ordinary folks. They love the limelight, but want it under their own terms. No following every rule for them — they love to push the envelope and astonish those within their purview. Never ordinary, with a wink and a nod, their persona will move to a different drummer — and they will succeed because of their determination, but only when they have laid the ground-rules and made them their own. Friendly, fearless, and fun — they are our respite from the drudgery of every-day life!

Hence we move on to our Earthy Capricorn folks — the first 10 degrees will be the double Capricorn, usually pillars of the community, knowing their place in society, and not willing to sacrifice their position with any outré activity. Hard working, following the rules, and perhaps a bit on the unimaginative side (unless another Planetary influence abounds) — they trudge through life with their ultimate goal in mind. Almost never undermined by any adversity, they will handle all issues as they appear with a practical outlook, and move on their pathway with the same dogged persistence they have had since birth. They will often be noted as the employee of the month, or will be rewarded with bonuses and advancements! Our second group in the Decanate will have Capricorn paired up with Taurus — a veritable blockbuster of stubborn diligence. These two can work together, and although the Taurus influence will add to the staid quality already present in our Capricorns, there is a subtle change in the fixation they may have on reaching their ultimate goals. Their eye is always on their target — and they seldom waver in their intensity to reach the top of their agenda. Home is also important to our Cap/Taurus blend, and will be a place of comfort and relaxation for them. That’s if they don’t fuss over any clutter that may occasionally be found. They need a neat and clean work space, and a pristine home. They can also be quite the dandy in clothing, perhaps wearing bow ties, or attractive scarves. They love the good life, and work to make it theirs. The next 10 degrees will combine Capricorn with Virgo — earthy, fussy, predictable and detail oriented. Good for teachers, accountants, actuaries, and any job that needs close attention to specific items. Perhaps a bit too hard to please, but when things are going well, they can be charming and approving. Always turned out fashionably — they pay close attention to their physical profile, and are always trendy in an understated manner. Concerned with healthy living, they monitor their diets with the zeal of a guru. Smart, active, and practical — they will persevere until they fulfill their objectives.

Next in line comes Air sign Aquarius, our wonderful quirky and trendsetting individuals — the first 10 degrees will double these traits, and we have our creative, inspired and artistic folks. They really like to think outside the box and often enjoy shocking others with their ‘way-out’ ideas. They can embrace any offbeat group, or even start one of their own! Engaging, intelligent, and always looking for something different and exciting, they will go far in their quest to learn the secrets of life. They seem to understand that there is more to our existence here on Earth than just day-to-day living, and they are on the hunt to seek out the mysteries of the Universe. Airy, unpredictable, difficult to pin down — they are delightful and our most beloved innovative friends. The second 10 degrees bring Aquarius and Gemini together in an ethereal mist of otherworldly thinking. Perhaps too much mental activity for one individual to handle. A busy mind with all manner of unusual ideas and viewpoints. They are often the square peg trying to fit into the round hole — it just won’t work, these individuals must be given the ability to work outside the normal everyday routines. They will thrive in an atmosphere of discovery and innovation. Their minds must constantly be challenged to learn more, and be piqued to expand the knowledge of their existence. Busy, unfocussed, and ever searching for mental stimulation, it would behoove them to learn to calm their minds with reading, painting, or some hand-work that would keep their attention on the subject in front of them. Artistic and creative — they can soar to the highest realms if they can control their amazing talents. Our third 10 degrees will pair Aquarius and Libra, this combination can work together because of Libras need for beauty and creativity — however, there will have to be a balance between Aquarius need for unpredictability, and Libras need for a steady and even pathway. Libra needs balance and a framework that can be counted on to move forward to a reachable goal. Aquarius just wants movement and forward motion without any planning. So these two must begin to work in harmony if any progress is to be made. Libra can bring more beauty and artistry to the Aquarius side, and the nuances of Libras sensitivity would be a plus for our antic Aquarian. Still — this blend is fraught with fundamental differences in viewpoint, if working in concert, it will be a glorious pairing — if in disarray — getting organized and goal-oriented will be hard to manage. This can be a beautiful combination in theory — and working together they can reach magnificent heights.

Our last contender in this grouping is, of course, the Water Sign Pisces — and our double Pisces are a mixture of mystical knowledge, deep feelings, sensitivity, and almost magical abilities when using their most positive talents. The dark side of this duo is that they can be easily swayed by those who have a negative agenda, and even perhaps need to use mind-altering substances to maintain a daily routine. These folks must always be alert to the fact that they are vulnerable to the essence of those surrounding them — they can easily pick up any vibes that are being emitted. So it behooves our double Pisces to try to keep their minds in a positive frame and try to keep company with only the highest and most moral of individuals. Artistic, musical, innovative and knowing, they can use their other-worldly intuition to further their goals, and can manage to teach others the ways of the mystic. The highest realms can be their comfort zone, as long as they don’t get lost in a miasma of illusion and fantasy. The second 10 degrees will combine Pisces and Cancer — we now have more sensitivity and a very soulful persona, overly concerned with what folks think of them, they find it difficult to react spontaneously in a natural manner. Wanting to please everyone, they often don’t please themselves until very late in life. The caveat here is to teach these caring individuals while they are young that you cannot please everyone. They must be able to find their bliss, and then attend to their pathway here — their family is of utmost importance to them — and if they find sustenance within the family dynamic they will find success. The last 10 degrees of this Watery sign brings a Pisces/Scorpio persona that can be dramatically different than what we think of most Pisces. No shrinking violet here, there is a dynamic aura that can be felt when they are near. Observant, intuitive, and perhaps psychic — they “know” people! They have the ability to read others as we would read a book. No hiding any negative intent, they will sniff it out. Still, artistically talented, sensitive and perceptive they still need approval and loving kindness from others. Their façade is formidable and even a bit intimidating with their amazing eyes — but they can rise to heights many of us never even imagine. Smart, organized, seeking the true path — their guidance and knowledge will help maintain the integrity of humanity no matter the peril. Strong-minded and solid — they believe in the future!

As I hope you have noted, there are a vast amount of nuances that affect the human condition. We are multi-dimensional beings that cannot be identified by one or two or even three explanations — we are complex, multi-faceted life forms that reign here on Planet Earth. But how we evolve will determine our fate as we move into the future. Keeping high moral standards, using our most positive traits, and allowing the love we have for our species will bring rewarding experiences and a bright future — however, using those negative and immoral traits that we are capable of will bring disaster! How is the World going at this time — have we learned any of the lessons that our History can teach us? I so often think we have not. But somehow, somewhere in my deepest spiritual trove — I have the hope and belief that the best of mankind will endure — the evil and malevolent tendencies will abate, and goodness will reign. I don’t always see the goodness I know is within each and every one of us — much seems to be lost in the day-to-day living that encompasses much of our life. And there is greed, hatefulness, and anger within all of us at times. Still — I believe in goodness, loving kindness, and our willingness to care about each other. No one is unworthy of love — no one should ever be in need of comfort. We are our brother’s keepers — and if we forget — we will never achieve our highest evolutionary state. Be the shining light in loving — be the beacon of all the goodness in this World — be the Peacekeeper of mankind — and we will flourish in the light of optimism and hope. Peace!


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