New Moon in Pisces — March 1, 2014

Our first New Moon this month is on the 1st, and crests at 10 degrees of the sign Pisces at 3:00 AM EST. As always the New Moon energy wafting out of the ether gives us another chance to influence our own pathway here on Earth. We can write out any affirmations, dreams, wishes and/or aspiration we want to manifest in our life. We can also include our loved ones in our list, especially when there is a need for a change, a hope, or a healing you want to include. Truly anything you can hope for is grist for the New Moon mill. Open your hearts and minds to what you know in your heart is needed, wanted, wished, or desired. Nothing is off the table — the only limitation is your imagination and ability to put into clear and logical language just what it is you want to happen to improve your life, and the lives of your loved ones. The Planet Mercury will have resumed its direct motion on February 28th, still it may take a few days for the positive effects to take place. I noticed a lot of annoying setbacks whilst Mercury was in Rx mode last month — much of it due to our wintry weather this year. I am looking forward to the Spring Solstice, and the return of the warmth of the Life-giving Sun and longer days of wholesome light!

There is a lot going on this month, we have a T-square including Pluto in Capricorn opposing Jupiter in Cancer, and they both square Uranus in Aries! This aspect lasts throughout the month, and the ramifications are a bit chaotic on the home-front and world-wide. We ordinary folks and the movers-and-shakers of the World stage are all trying to stake out their place within their spheres. We are looking for recognition and we want to blend in and find acceptance with our peers. The pathway won’t be easy right now as we also have the Planet Mars in Libra going retrograde on the 1st also. So much energy and so little reigning in of power. Some of our plans may have to be altered, because with Mars in Rx until the 20th of May, any new projects may have some details that will have to be worked out first to get things rolling in the right direction, prepare for delays, but keep moving forward. Still, any plans started previously can have a good head-start, and can come to fruition.

Saturn in Scorpio also is turning retrograde on the 2nd of the month until July 20th, and this will have the tendency to give us time to look into ourselves to find just what we want out of life with our closest loved ones. We will want to improve our relationships, but we will be a little more fastidious in our needs and perhaps a little more sure of just what we will endure without rebelling. Our emotions might be in flux this month as so many nuances in the ether are keeping us feeling unfulfilled and wary of not being on the right path. We will become more sure of our own needs, and realize that we cannot compromise our basic selves just to maintain a relationship built on always giving and getting little in return. Our eyes will be open to just how we may have compromised our own identity. We have to weigh the pros and cons of exactly what we ourselves want, and how much we are willing to bend in order to achieve these goals. We must always be true to ourselves and our deepest moral compass. We know when things are awry, and although change and absolutes are never easy — we may find ourselves feeling freer and more in-tune with our psyches than we have for a long time when we make these difficult decisions. We might find that by clearing the air we begin anew, and we become closer and on a more level playing ground. Both sides aiming for mutual goals and respect, with a greater appreciation of each other, and ourselves.

On March 6th Jupiter turns direct in Cancer, giving us a pulse of positive energy — still this month is fraught with unease in both personal and worldly ongoings. Both financial areas (the Stock Market might have a correction), business areas (oil, gas, and transportation are in the line of fire), and our own home-front areas (food and gas prices) will be under pressure. Look to keep yourself on an even keel, and handle any crises as it occurs in a calm and sensible manner. We cannot cover all contingencies, but being aware of the ebb and flow of our own lives will help us remain in charge, and can get us through any unexpected happenings.

However, lets concentrate on the positive emanations of the New Moon Energy in Pisces, our imaginations will be inspired, and our intuition piqued — we can use this time to be creative, playful, and intimately connected to our loved ones. You can create new ways that bring you and your nearest and dearest closer, more in-tune, and working in concert. Use your knowledge of their innermost needs to guide you in earnestly building up their sense of self while keeping your own identity in tact. Learn to blend the best of both sides and you will find a new “normal” wherein you both are comfortable and feel appreciated. How little it takes to boost someone with a kind word or just a smile. To acknowledge their unique being, and be willing to enmesh yourself into their rhythm while dancing to your own tune. It can be done, and it will be worth the effort in the long run.

Now to our usual affirmations, dreams and wishes — we can write out our list any time on the 1st and 2nd, to put our ideas into the ether. The New Moon in Pisces will enhance our innate ability to “see” just what we need to move forward on our pathway here on Earth. We might want to wish for more closeness with our family and loved ones, we might want our creativity to be appreciated, or perhaps we need to “see” that our efforts are being used in the best possible manner. Let your mind’s eye look deep into your innermost spirit, and seek those changes that will make you happier, more self-assured, and more independently secure. Ask for the beauty within to shine forth so that all can see your truest light. Be strong in acknowledging your own needs — and don’t settle for second best or just okay. We all deserve to be loved for ourselves — and we should try to love others unconditionally. However — we are still human-“beings” — not finished, all done, or perfect. We are evolving to a higher and more noble realm — where we can dwell in an atmosphere of loving kindness.

We will have another New Moon on March 30th, in the Mars ruled sign Aries. Another chance to influence our lives — with positive and loving affirmations. Peace!


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