New Moon Reminder — March 1, 2014

At 9:00 AM EST on February 28th the Planet Mercury goes into direct motion after its month-long retrograde. It is now at 18 degrees of the sign Aquarius and will be “stationary direct” for most of the day. It always seems to take a couple of days for the positive energy of its forward motion to begin to be sensed. However, we will be helped by the Moon going into the sign Pisces at 9:53 AM EST, bringing a breath of fresh air and energy to us as it heads for its meeting with the Sun tomorrow.

I for one will breathe a little more freely as this Rx Mercury has been disruptive in many little ways. No major disasters personally, but so many delays and holdups in travel, on our usual school holiday week, and with our unfortunate roadways with their severe pot-holes (perhaps a New England oddity) — but when the snow and ice somehow create the right conditions for freezing and thawing — we find our roadways with frost-heaves that then lead to craters in the tarmac. With time and usage, they then crumble into wheel-bending and tire flattening holes that can damage any car unfortunate enough to come in contact with them. Expensive and dangerous for drivers, and so wearying time after time, when these storms hit every few days. I for one, am so tired of this winter season — and I don’t do all the shoveling and clearing ice off of the cars!

And while tomorrow is supposed to be the first day of meteorological Spring — I fear that with another storm predicted for most of the country this week-end, and reaching us here on Monday gives lie to the tale. No — our winter is ongoing at least for a while, and although hardy — this New Englander is drained. Alas, we must keep on keeping on! Tomorrow’s New Moon at 3:00 AM EST will be a brief light in an otherwise storm-clouded day. I must keep in mind that our Spring Solstice will soon be on our doorstep, and that will engender some hope for a warming trend, and our eventual beautiful Spring weather pattern. I am smiling at the thought.

We all can take a few moments to write out our affirmations to enhance our own lives and the lives of our loved ones. Our Pisces New Moon will pique our imaginations, and perhaps we will for a moment dream of being on a tropical isle where snow is never seen — but our more practical side will realize we reside here and it will be best to ignore the howling winds and snows outside, and concentrate on what exactly we wish to manifest in the ether this time. Although Pisces is by nature a dreamer and idealist, there is a practical side that can be tapped into because we often find strength in the opposite side of the coin — in Pisces case that would be the sign Virgo, and we cannot get any more practical than that. So — tap into the emanations that abound in the ether, and write out all of your dreams, affirmations, desires and needs to put them into the Universal atmosphere to become real. Any wish is okay, and can be requested with a clear and lucid explanation of just what you want to become your reality. Any time during Saturday and Sunday will have the New Moon in Pisces energy swirling into our realm.

Do this simple exercise and see how you can be your own advocate for change and betterment in your life — the Universal harmony is sending all positive and welcome energies your way with the New Moon — take your piece of the collective pie! Everyone should be able to eat at the table of loving kindness and overwhelming joy. Let yourself sit at the feast of plenty and savor the sense of positive love and light in your own heart. Peace!


4 comments on “New Moon Reminder — March 1, 2014

  1. Nancy… I do love reading your updates. I’ve been studying and following astrological tendencies (and the charts of family and friends) for years, although I don’t have time to really delve into it these days. Nice to be reminded of it all via your even-keeled, astute observations and sharing.. Thanks! ~karen

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