Mars Retrograde in Libra March 2 to May 20, 2014 — Enters Scorpio July 25, 2014

The Planet Mars has been in a long transit in the sign Libra, and it is now in Retrograde motion until May 20, when it will turn Direct and continue its journey through the sign Libra, until July 25th when it will enter the sign Scorpio. Since Mars is our Planet of passion, energy, aggression, courage, and any job requiring boldness — it helps us get things done in an efficient manner, yet it is often too hasty in trying to get everything done quickly and may not spend enough time on the details. In Libra, our Mars is not a happy camper, Libra requires balance and steadiness of purpose — and Mars just wants to jump into the fray! How to blend these two opposites in an efficacious and organized relationship. This is not a match made in Heaven at the best of times, however, while Mars is in Retrograde mode, we may get the time to plan more carefully, get our agenda in order, and make some sense of where we want to go, and how we will get there. Look to your own chart to see where Libra lives — that is the area that has been and will be under development.

There are lessons to be learned with Mars Retrograde in Libra, it will set us back a step or two in our journey forward, but only so we can plan better, make clearer decisions, and complete our tasks or goals with a minimum of glitches. The sign Libra is where our idea of beauty, décor, love, marriage, balance, steadfastness, and appeasement lie — with Mars agitating the ether in this area, we become more impatient, angry, unbalanced, frustrated, and headstrong. We want what we want — NOW! But Libra is putting on the brakes of our rush to implement half-baked plans. Now with retrograde in the mix this is like a red stop light, halting all forward motion until the way is clear — in your mind, and with most of the roadblocks accounted for ahead of time. No rushing “head”long into an unstable situation that just won’t work because definitive plans were not properly executed. Allow yourself to feel the pent up Mars energy raring to move — but also tap into the idea that ‘too much, too soon’ is often not a good thing. Take the time to sense just what the Universe is telling us to do — work with the harmony and disharmony that surrounds you — and try to bring the two sides into a working relationship. Use the energy of Mars and the balance of Libra to show you the way to a perfect solution to any undertaking you wish to be completed in a fastidious and meticulous manner, but also with the timing that will be the most effective in getting you to your goal.

This also may be a good time to refresh those relationships that have been being ignored or temporarily shunted aside so you can charge ahead with your own agenda. Think about those whom your actions will impact, and consider if it is worth whatever fallout your venture will engender. Remember, we are not on this journey alone — and we do have to answer to others sooner or later. Are you being precipitous in your zeal to get ahead at any price? Have you lost sight of the big picture — what will your advancement mean if you find yourself alone? For most of us we enjoy sharing our successes with our loved ones, indeed success without the blessings of our families is often hollow and unsatisfying. All of the kudos in the world will not make up for leaving those you love in the dust of your ego. Learn the lessons of Mars in Libra and follow your heart and your head — and you will not go wrong. You can find a balance between your needs and those of your loved ones that will satisfy all concerned.

As Mars moves forward in the sign Libra on the 20th of May, it will once again give us the go-ahead to complete our journey in a balanced and straightforward manner. Mars in Libra is trying to awaken in us that sense of beauty we all need in our lives, our need for familial connections, and fulfilling what our own ego requires. We can harness the energy of Mars and the tranquility of Libra to enhance our life, and bring harmony into what could be chaos. The lesson here is that we can, if we try, find a way to work with whatever the Universe is throwing our way — it is our job here on Earth to figure out just what we are to learn — all of us are evolving into a higher realm of human “being”! Allow these contrary partners to infuse you with the possibility of growing and moving into a new stage of development and growth. The possibilities are limitless, the adventure is in our own hands — use Mars in Libra to enhance every moment with élan. Try to see the world with the eyes of a warrior but the heart of a humanitarian — synthesize the best of Mars in Libra and your own life will be opened to the beauty and splendor of our unique planet and your place in the Sun.

When Mars enters Scorpio in July — we will be facing a different and enticing challenge in blending our fiery Mars with the immense emotional impact of watery Scorpio. Can you already hear the sizzle of explosive interactions and feel the temperatures rising with this dynamic duo? Get ready to rumble through the exciting transits of Mars — our Planet of adventure, energy, and zest! Tap into the movement of the Universal flow to capture all that life has to offer. Be the “you” that you know in your heart you can be — let Mars show you the way!


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