Full Moon in Virgo — March 16, 2014

The Full Moon on the 16th this month crests at 12:09 PM EST (add one hour for DST) at 26 degrees of the sign Virgo. With the Moon then going into a Void of Course mode, this Full Moon falls a bit flat although there is a semi-sextile connection to Mars that promotes some ego and force. Later on in the day the Sun also connects with Mars and raises the ante in a kind of clash of Titans. Still there will be confusion and a sense that things are a bit fuzzy until the Moon enters the next sign Libra in the early evening hours. How best to traverse this awkward time span will be to take one step at a time — don’t push any agenda too harshly, and be prepared to encounter some indecision and flux from others. Since this is a Sunday, it might be best, if you can, to plan a quiet and uneventful day, just chilling!

Here in our New England area, we will be in the midst of our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations! There is sure to be a lot of good cheer being passed around in the form of “green” beer — the caveat here is to be moderate in all of our decisions and actions. The Virgo Full Moon will help, insofar as Virgo is a sign that likes order and is pragmatic even when faced with challenges. Enjoy the festivities at the Parades, at family gatherings, or watching ‘March Madness’ at your local tavern, but keep in mind that any outrageous actions will be dealt with quickly and efficiently by those in charge. By all means allow yourself a little levity and fun — but remember this is a Full Moon day, and all of our usual cautions are in place. Drive defensively, avoid those who seem out of control, and remember tomorrow is a regular work day! A little of Virgo’s usual steadfast outlook can help us traverse the day without incident.

If you already have plans for the day — make sure you have implemented a fail-safe foundation to keep yourself and your loved ones on the proper pathway for good times without any rancor. We look forward to enjoying our family times together, and with the added “spice” of the Full Moon, we can expect enthusiasm to be high. let’s make sure the passions are fitting, proper, and with loving feelings. This can be a wonderful day of celebration if everyone uses just a little bit of common sense!

I will raise my glass to the memory of my Irish Dad, and his caring and hard-working ethics — may his spirit be free, and since he was buried on St. Patrick’s Day many years past — I know he is smiling down on his family with loving blessings. Peace!


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