Spring Equinox — March 20, 2014

Here in New England, we all look forward to the Spring Equinox because it heralds the onset of our Spring season — although perhaps not yet free of the snow cover and icy streets immediately, we can feel the change in the warmth of the Sun, and the subtle freshening of the breezes. We hear the new trills of the transient birds coming through our area with their mellifluous songs heralding that winter will soon be over, and we can expect there to be a burgeoning renewal and rebirth beginning soon.

The Sun enters the sign Aries on the 20th at 11:58 AM EST (add 1 hour for DST). Aries is a Cardinal sign that is the harbinger of Spring — Aries epitomizes beginnings, enthusiasm, movement and growth. Ruled by Mars our Planet of action, passion and physical exertion, Aries gets us going — urging us to make new plans and clean up any issues that are leftover from our dark season. Aries insists we look ahead to prepare and solidify our pathway here on Earth. With the help of the Sun in Aries our outlook improves, and our joy in living life to the fullest is back on track. Use the unbound energies of this gift from the Universe to become the leader of your realm. Be the monarch of your own existence and you will also be able to help all those you love to become the embodiment of their highest persona.

The Planet Uranus is also in the sign Aries, and might bring us some surprising ways in which to enrich our lives — be open to all new and creative ways to use your talents. Mars in Libra is attempting to keep us balanced, and aware of the beauty surrounding us in Nature. Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn are in Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio respectively — their watery placements keeping our emotions deep and allowing us to “see” any subterfuge that might be around. Also, the Water signs are stimulating our desire for a spiritual connection to our World, so that we may immerse ourselves into the environs of Universal consciousness. There we may begin to understand the awesome breadth of our relationship with each other, the physical plane upon which we live, and the intellectual knowledge we share.

Mankind has celebrated our emerging from the darkness and cold of winter for centuries by having festivals to acknowledge the change of seasons. There seems to be a magical aura in the air that announces the end of the Cold Winter Sun, and the blessings of a life-giving warmth, that expands throughout the land. Our Equinox Sun begins to stir the elements of growth and restores those gifts of the Earth that give all of us hope for an easier pathway. As our Sun heats up the Earth it responds by melting the last of the snow giving the ground the necessary nutrients it needs to bring forth the greening of the land we so look forward to each year. First we see the tiny green sprouts of the crocus and daffodil appear — sometimes right through the covering snow. Life is affirmed, and we rejoice! Our spirits revive with an elemental enthusiasm that awakens our innermost desire to complete our journeys and reclaim our place in the world. The weariness and fatigue of surviving another cold and dark winter season is soon forgotten in our zeal to prepare for the revival of all Earthly delights.

As we bask in the communal warmth and heat of our Equinox progression, our inner being is stimulated, our spirits are raised, and our souls respond to the Earth, each other and ourselves with compassion. We are elevated to a new echelon of loving kindness — as we breathe in the earthiness of the soil, the cleansing moisture of the rain, and the energy of the Earth bringing forth new life in its magical way. The Spring Equinox allows us to once again cleanse ourselves of any negativity and pessimism that may have been pervasive throughout the bitter cold of the year. We can now blossom forth with élan and confidence that our pathway is clear and our journey will be fulfilling. We humans embody the wonder of hope, the ability to inspire, and the capacity for immense love. Open your hearts and minds to accept this bounty of Universal harmony, in its yearly trek, with its cycles of renewal, revitalization and rebirth!

Accept all that is so freely given in the joy and ecstasy of our Earthly existence — unique, magnificent, and inimitable — Mankind, born in the cataclysm of the stars and the spirit of love is the hope of the future — and the guardian of the Earth. Believe in your oneness with the Universe, believe in the relevance of your being here now in this place, at this time — believe. Peace!


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