New Moon/Blue Moon in the Sign Aries — March 30, 2014

I’m posting this a little early because the sign Aries is so powerful, and increases our awareness of where we are and what we are doing. The Spring of the year is the time when there is heightened growth and renewal on the Earth, but also within ourselves. The Moon expands our emotional quotient, and in Aries awakens our zeal in pursuing our agendas here on the Earth plane. This early boost to our egos, our feelings, and our needs is apparent in our preparing to move forward, in tune with the cycles of the Universe. We are part and parcel of all that goes on in the Galaxy — and we should be taking advantage of what is being offered. Use these moments in time well — expand your intuition, your understanding, and your abilities in crafting your own pathway here on Earth.

Our Blue Moon this month rises on March 30th, at 9 degrees of the sign Aries, at 1:45 PM EST (add one hour for DST). This gives us a second chance this month to express our affirmations, promote our wishes and dreams, and allows us to influence our own lives with positive and constructive thoughts that can enter the ether and become manifest. Such a simple undertaking, but one that we should be using to enhance our journey here on Earth. These New Moon time-spans are delicate and ethereal — however, they pack a powerful wallop from the Universe and we should take advantage of every moment there is to help ourselves, our loved ones, and any need that may not be being attended to with sufficient notice. As you become more attuned to just how much influence you really have in this area, you can tweak your affirmations to the sign that is prominent. Especially if you know your own chart, look to the area where the New Moon is cresting each month. Blend the energy of the Moon’s sign, and the particular facets that the Zodiac house rules. For instance if Aries is in your 9th house and the New Moon is highlighting it this month, you may want to find yourself becoming more spiritually aware, or you might have a child looking at colleges — and by doing your affirmations specifically related to these issues will help you to hone in on just the right way to approach the school of their choice, or the writings of those who will pique your interest in some new spiritual path. Or if there is some legal issue awaiting a final answer, write down just what you want to happen specific to your case. Believe in your own abilities to change your life and affect the outcome of whatever is on your agenda at this time.

The ether is active with a T-square involving the Cardinal signs — we are aware that we need to do more to find our own place on Earth, but we must take into consideration those whom we love. We are in a quandary as to how to complete those things that we want to do, and yet not ignore the needs of others in our lives. With Jupiter going direct in Cancer, our way is somewhat eased with the positive vibes from this jolly giant Planet. Feel the abundance of energy pouring out of the ether and into our Earthly realm. Avoid the attitude of “It’s my way or the highway” — it simply will not work! Compromise and adjustment will be the rule if you are to move forward while including those who mean the most to you. The lone-wolf mentality wont work for long, and you will find yourself left in the dust of egoism, a cold and bitter place of lost possibilities.

If you feel a loving connection to those around you and they reciprocate in kind, you are on the right path. Beware those who would use your kindness and benevolence for their own needs alone. Loving companionship is the blending of two souls who only want the best for each other, and will sacrifice by consciously allowing each to be themselves, yet be joined mentally, physically, and emotionally to bring out the best in each other. I recall an anonymous quote I always rely on, “Love is physical and mental attraction, in the place of emotional security” — if you don’t have that — you have nothing.

Our New Moon/Blue Moon this month gives us the unique opportunity to begin this year’s renewal and regrowth. Plan your requests and affirmations carefully — think about the year ahead — where do you want to be when this year comes to an end? Allow yourself to be active in enhancing your life and loves with positive and personally meaningful wishes and dreams — they can come true! Aries is such a strong and energetic sign, we can begin to stir the pot of unfulfilled ideas, wishes and affirmations with its potent Mars dynamism. Feel the power entering every fiber of your being, and sit in a quiet place with no distractions (yes turn off your phone or other techie devices) — breathe in the vibrancy of the ether — allow yourself to be immersed in the cycle of the Universal flow — ask yourself — “What do I truly want to manifest in my life?” “Where do I want to be by the end of the year?” “Who do I want to accompany me on this journey throughout my life span?” “How do I reach my goals and full potential?” Meditate on these and any other questions or ideas you may have. Write down notes, thoughts, inspirations you might have. Give yourself time to really dig deep into your psyche to find those desires that will bring you the life you deserve. Then and only then — sit down and begin to write out your affirmations and wishes after the New Moon crests. Be precise in your requests — detail just how you “see” these dreams manifesting within your life. Yes — it takes a few moments from your busy schedule, but the rewards are great — and the more positive you feel within yourself, the more pure love, respect, and admiration will manifest in your life.

Claim the bounty that the Universe so willingly gives you — take the actions that will bring optimism and beauty into your realm. The afternoon hours will have the most clout — but you can write out your list all day on the 31st also. This is the gift of the ages — the ability to bring just what you need for yourself and your loved ones, to continue upon this Earthly karmic path together. Peace!


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