New Moon Reminder — March 30, 2014

Our second New Moon in March crests at 9/10 degrees of Aries, on the 30th at 1:45 PM EST (add one hour for DST). We all can use the power and energy of this fiery New Moon to move forward on our pathway here on Earth. It only takes a few minutes of thoughtful meditation, and reaching into your innermost depths to truly find not only what you desire, but also what you need. We are here to complete our personal growth, and to learn to bond with our nearest and dearest, to whom we have a karmic connection. We are always evolving and learning, we all have experienced a few backward steps — yet we continue to have hope and are willing to bravely persist onward. With the vitality of an Aries New Moon we have the opportunity to enhance our life with the love and power of Universal energy and consciousness. We are all connected! It behooves us all to keep working toward our highest moral ethic, our most loving persona, including our loved ones along the way.

Aries epitomizes the strong, courageous, and stolid individual who can surge forth alone into any catastrophe or danger, yet we all have that power innately when it comes to fighting for our families. We can be a force to be reckoned with if we feel there is any threat to those we love. We must use this natural power in a loving and dynamic manner to reach for the highest rung of the human ladder. We can all be heroes to those we love and who love us. Open your hearts and minds to the pinnacle of your evolution. Don’t settle for second best in this lifetime — it is your life! Knowing how to lovingly enhance your life makes all the difference — breathe in the gentle breezes of the Springtime air — settle yourself into your favorite place, and surround yourself with the white light of love. SEE yourself and your loved ones in the next year — see yourself as happy, content, with less stress, less controversy, and more peace, love, and kindness in your life. ALLOW yourself to dream, wish, and affirm your basic needs. Give yourself the gift of hope and optimism. FEEL the essence of Universal love entering every cell of your body — then and only then prepare to write out your affirmations, unique to your own desires.

Work with the natural flow of the Galaxy, and all of the energies expelled during a New Moon phase, and you can influence what happens in your life and the life of your loved ones. Give out the purest and most wholesome vibrations to others — and they will be returned ten-fold. Eliminate anger, hostility, bitterness, and guilt — these negative emotions cannot bring you anything of value. Dig deep into your psyche to find your strength, love, and motivation for all that is good in your life and move forward with the knowledge that you will not only endure, but thrive in the Universal radiance of harmony and love.

The afternoon hours of the 30th, and all day on the 31st will be the most beneficial for writing out your affirmations, dreams, wishes and hopes. Dream big — hope for the best — and be positive about your karmic pathway in this life. Believe you are here now — just where you should be! Live your life to the fullest, love and be loved. Find your bliss — the magic is in the ether — use it well. Believe!

*Here in the Boston area we lost two brave firemen — may their spirits be free — and may their families find some semblance of comfort knowing their heroic loved ones gave the greatest gift mankind can give — to give up one’s own life for another. Peace!


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